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The referral system allows you to invite people to play L2Sublimity via your own referral link. When a player registers using your referral link and plays L2Sublimity, you will be rewarded for it.

By making use of the referral system you agree to our Acceptable Use Policy. Not abiding by the rules and/or abusing our systems will get you permanently banned from our community. Use only with the right intentions.
I. "How do I receive the referral rewards?"
You will receive your Referral Coins automatically in-game no matter what character you are on. Make sure that you use your nPlay® account to log into the game.
II. "When do I receive Referral Coins?"
Referral Coins are handed out to you when a player plays on one of our servers because of your referral link, please note that the system is fully automated. Handouts are done once per day by the system.
III. "How do I exchange Referral Coins?"
Referral Coins can be exchanged at the Token Manager NPC in-game.
IV. "What can I get for Referral Coins?"
That may vary depending on the server you play. All items that you are able to receive via Referral Coins are rare, exclusive and are well worth your time and effort.
V. "Is there a limit to howmany people I am able to refer?"
There is no limit.
VI. "I referred someone but I did not receive a Referral Coin"
There is a strict anti-abuse system in place. If you have not received a Referral Coin it will either be handed out later or the system flagged it as abuse and the entire referral has been cancelled.