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Privacy and Information Security Policy
I. Scope of Policy
This Privacy and Information Security Policy applies to all solutions provided by L2Sublimity. L2Sublimity is a data controller of personal data processed in accordance with this policy. This policy applies for every situation and activity that we engage in.
II. Collected information in general
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Google Analytics
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III. Collected information when you download and use our software
nPlay account
You are not required to disclose any personal information for the download. But it is required to create an account in order to use the downloaded software. Our software can only be used when there is credit on the account. If you want to use our network you will be asked to provide your first name, last name, country and email address. You will also be asked to select a password. We may use this information for providing support, fraud detection, enabling you to change settings on your nPlay account and to add credit to your nPlay account.

In order to provide our services and support we may at times collect your personal information. This information may be collected from your computer. If you request support we may offer you the option of accepting a remote session (via Teamviewer) in which we take control of your computer. If we start a remote session we may acquire information via communication between your computer and ours.

Add credit to your nPlay account
When you pay for more credit on your account, the payment and billing is generally handled by a third-party service provider You will be making your purchase from the service provider directly. The handling of your personal information will be governed by any privacy policy or terms of service published by the service provider. The service provider may request billing information in order for you to succesfully pay for your credit. When we get a notification from the service provider that you've successfully paid for the credit, we will add this information to your account and add the credit to it.
IV. What happens with the collected information
Storage of the information
The personal Information that we collect is stored on our servers. Personal information of our users is only accessible on our servers from our physical premises, or via an encrypted virtual private network (VPN). Access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Protection of the stored information
Data collected by all L2Sublimity solutions are transmitted in encrypted format using SSL technology, and stored under minimum 256-bit key encryption. Very private information such as financial data is stored under rotating 256-bit key encryption. In all cases data is transmitted to and from our servers using https protocol.

Access by whom
Maintenance is performed either by us or by contractors who are working on our behalf. Only authorized personnel who have a legitimate need to know the personal information of our users based on their job descriptions can access these. All our contractors have agreed not to share personal information of our users with other parties. They have also agreed to not use such personal information for their own direct marketing purposes.

Sharing information with unrelated third-parties
There may be times when we must share your personal information with unrelated third-parties. We will disclose your personal information when it is necessary to satisfy a legitimate government order or request. When we need to respond to a third-party subpoena on the advice of our attorneys (if we are required to respond). We may also disclose your personal information if we obtain your permission or if it is necessary to defend ourselves.

Deletion of collected information
We don't keep personal information for no longer than reasonably necessary. We look at the purpose for which the information was collected for and any additional period that is stated by law. We will delete the information from our system when the purpose for which it was collected and any additional period that is stated by law has expired.
V. Dispute resolution
We find it very important to conduct our business in a fair and professional manner. We ask you to contact us, when you are not happy with the way we handled your personal information. We promise to try our best to respond to any concerns you may have and try hard to work it out. You can contact us via our email [email protected]. If we unfortunately can't work it out, you are allowed to contact the authorized authorities in your country.