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Sublimity's Future
1565d 19h ago Posted by @Amell


Hello everyone,


We noticed that you have a lot of questions regarding Sublimity's future.


First of all we really appreciate the love we get from you guys. Your loyalty means everything to us.

We could have never built a tight community like this without you. Thank you for that!



We would like to make an official statement regarding Sublimity's future, so there is more clarity for you.
Unfortunately due to personal reasons there is no way for OpalSnow and the staff to launch any server at the moment.
We have looked and tried to see if we could make it work, but sadly we couldn't.


Anyhow, this doesn't mean the end for L2Sublimity! It's just not the right time for us at the moment.
We will of course continue working on projects and launch a server when we see fit.
All we want is a high quality server to ensure that you guys will have the best l2 experience at Sublimity.

You will get notified as soon as we have some exciting news to share with you! So keep an eye on our Facebook, website and Discord!

Thank you for being part of Sublimity and thank you for showing your loyalty in whichever ways.



Take care,
L2Sublimity Staff