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Destiny Closing 31 December 2018
2030d 18h ago Posted by @OpalSnow


The worst part of the job.


Unfortunately, it has not been the journey we wanted it to be.


We will be closing Destiny 25x on 31 December 2018. The biggest reason being that the donations are not able to cover for its expenses.


For those wondering as to why the update has not been implemented. The side we approached were not able to bring their members on a server that has been up for more than a month. That considering the fact that we are not able to cover L2Sublimity's expenses via donations - we were forced to make the decision to close Destiny.


My gratitude goes towards everyone who played until the very end. As always am I truly humbled by you guys showing up. Thank you for everyone who has donated to cover some of the expenses that have been made.


Whether there will be a new server in the future we do not know yet. 2019 is near and I will be sure to come with a statement early 2019 so keep an eye on our website for more information. All of our announcements will be on the main website.


Happy days to everyone. Have a great time with you and your families. Now and many more years to come. Thank you for being a part of Sublimity and thank you for showing your loyalty in whichever ways.