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Some news & What is going to be added
2043d 00h ago Posted by @OpalSnow


Some of you have been wondering what will happen with Destiny.


And in this little post, we'll tell you a bit more about it.


Some of you are wondering what will happen and if you guys can expect new content or not. Here's a quick overview of the things that will be changed in the game very soon. Just to give you a rough idea what to focus on and what to expect:




We're speaking to some big sides and smaller parties to come and play L2Sublimity

We're actively contacting players and sides to come and play L2Sublimity, as of yet we have a couple of sides about to join but we would like to do some changes to the game. This is great news for the competition and sides currently situated on the server. And of course also for the players! We will keep you updated on this.


Rework of the hunting areas

So we're reworking the hunting areas and we're getting rid of some hunting areas. We love the fact that the areas rotate but the areas up for rotation are not the best one. Therefore we'll invest time into reworking the areas such that every seal will be enjoyed by everyone.


New armor set

A signature feature of nearly every server we've launched and a vital part of our gameplay environment is custom armor sets - we're bringing it back to you. Phoenix you might ask? We are not sure yet to be honest. We will let you know as to what set we will release. This armor will be the best armor at that point in the game and it will be farmable through the party hunting area.


Easier EXP rate

We are going to increase the EXP rate of the server for an easier and more casual gameplay experience when starting.



We're going to make rework raiding to make each raid give satisfying drops. This will make it so raiding will become much more attractive on a frequent basis and make raiding a vital part of the gameplay and economy.


We will not give up on the project regardless of the situation we're in unless we are forced to do so for financial reasons as our network costs are high. As of yet we have time to make a change on Destiny but we will need your help in this. Therefore I ask every active player to spend time to reach out to groups for example by making posts on Facebook groups and try to invite the people you know. You can inform them that we are making the necessary changes we believe are needed for the server and it is up to them whether they will join before or after the changes. Thank you to the people who stayed and care for the server. It does not go unnoticed and the appreciation is immense.