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Friday's PVP Event!
2046d 14h ago Posted by @Amell


This will be a 9vs9 PVP event, it will take place on Friday 14th of December at 19:00 PM GMT.

Come join and have some fun!








The rules are the following :


- Mana pots are NOT allowed


- Cp and healing potions are allowed


- Elixirs of any kind are NOT allowed (CP/HP)


- 1 Healing class of these Cardinals, Evas Saints, Shillien Saints, Hierophants


- Resurrection scroll is allowed


- Augmentations are NOT allowed (doesn't matter if it's just stats, don't have it on you)


- NO Epics


- Enchantment on weapons and armors up to +3, unless its 1 main piece which can be up to +4


- Buffsticks are allowed (Mental shield, Focus, Blessed the body)


- Selfbuffs/party buffs


We will recover your cp/mp/hp before the fight starts.


Have everything ready on your inventory, we won't summon misc shop/warehouse!


See you on Friday!