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Patch notes: Destiny 1.0.5
2044d 17h ago Posted by @OpalSnow


Destiny 1.0.5 is here with bonuses for new clans and returning players


And as always some changes to the game we love


Update 1.0.5 is mainly focused on the bonuses we give to players. A lot of behind-the-scenes functionality has been added to allow us to give clan bonuses, now and in the future, with a minimal chance of abuse. We want to give players the incentive to try L2Sublimity again, be it solo players or clans.


We are here for the long-term and many players are too. There are few to none Lineage II communities out there that put emphasis on quality, durability, updates, community interaction and do all of this out of love for the game. We can definitely improve ourselves in all of these aspects and we are improving on a daily basis. Each fix we do or each feature we implement is one care less in the future. Once players truly realize why we're here and why they should be L2Sublimity they call home - it cannot be anything else that they are also here for the long run.


Population counts don't really mean a thing to us. We've proven that numerous times in the past. It is all about the experience because frankly, quality beats quantity and from experience do populated servers have quite bad PvP due to the immense size of battles, the community of people and sides tending to put the victory over fun for whichever reason. I've stated it in the past as well - I am very happy with the current community but you guys are less happy with the active population of the server. We are actively promoting L2Sublimity and giving players reasons to come back and play. This is our main focus right now. We will also provide you guys with means to promote L2Sublimity for rewards - more on that later.


1.0.5 does not contain new content other than important game changes and bug fixes. For everyone, we'll be preparing new game content in Destiny 1.0.6. We'll see new areas, new items to be collected, new methods of farming and new systems. Most importantly; new features for you to enjoy.


Here are the patch notes for Destiny update 1.0.5:



Patch notes: Destiny 1.0.5


1. Activated 150% Bonus Celebration Event Weekend! This is a bonus of 150% of all rates. It stacks with any other bonus like the Christmas Tree or the bonus players receive from the new "A Prosperous Adventure" quest.


2. Added new quest: "A Prosperous Adventure".  Players who played but quit will receive an email in their inbox with an activation link. When clicking the link it allows you to select the character you would like to receive the "A Prosperous Adventure" quest on, which guides you through milestones in the game and gives great rewards upon each milestone. The emails are currently being sent and may take up to 3 hours to send all emails to the inactive players.

3. Clan Bonuses are now in effect. For a limited time, clans are able to (re)gather up on L2Sublimity and receive all sorts of bonuses. For more information see Amell's post:


4. Added new passive to all characters of level 61 and lower: "New Journey". All buffs and debuffs are retained after death and when the character dies - it is automatically resurrected unless he has died in PvP.


5. Increased the chance of getting Ability Points in Chaotic Zones.


6. Slightly lowered the amount of Ability Points you would obtain by farming Pagan's Temple.

7. Fixed a bug where if you would have Celestial Shield or Flames of Invincibility on, you could still get canceled and it would not return your buffs.

8. Fixed a problem where you couldn't automatically use mana potions while having Flames of Invincibility on.

9. Fixed a problem where The Seer of Blood party monster in The Imperial Tomb spawned too quickly.


10. Reworked Zaken's area. The zone now allows you to log back in upon critical error or disconnect.

11. When Zaken spawns. Everyone is teleported out of Zaken's area appropriately.


12. Fixed a problem where epics raid bosses could get interrupted when casting a skill.


13. Increased Frenzy Resistance of Party Area monsters and Raid bosses by 30%

14. Fixed a problem that when you would die in a state of PvP (flagged), your flag may visually get stuck on your pet or summon.

15. We removed the feature where the buff-bar would be sorted by buffs/self-buffs/songs/dances. Your buff-bar is now not sorted anymore because it was causing confusion among players.

16. Fixed an issue with the group monster's respawn time down in the Imperial Tomb.

17. Lowered the weight of CP potions and Advanced CP potions.



That is it for 1.0.5. Thank you for your input, support and thank you for being a part of our community. For the people who did not play for a while but did not receive an email - please contact us on Facebook support or at