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607d 20h ago Posted by @Amell


It's an 'add a coin' kinda day! 


A lot of you asked us about the Store. We can finally announce the good news that the Store is now available.

First of all we want to thank all of you for the continuous support and all the patience.

We really appreciate it. We can't say this enough. 





How can you donate? 

You will find the Donation Store above on the menu of the website. Click on 'Donate'.

First you have to buy Donation Coins before you can purchase the item you want. So it will be possible to purchase the item after you added enough Donation Coins to your account. Every item shows how much coins you need to purchase the item. 

1 Donation Coin = $5 USD


How to receive the item in-game?

To receive the item in-game you have to go to Leondra the Token Manager in Giran Castle Town. Leondra will exchange your Donation Coins for the item you want to have. 


Are Donation Coins tradable?

Yes they are. This allows you to trade your Donation Coins for items with other players. 


Why do we need donations?

We will use your donations to cover all expenses. This includes but is not limited to the following costs: network costs, file distribution costs via nPlay, website costs, marketing costs, translation costs, some development costs and last but not least license costs. The strength of our community is such that we are able to easily cover the expenses together. Our immense gratitude for giving meaning to that which we do and making it financially possible to do it.


Have fun shopping!