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Progress (19 Dec 2016)

Alright. Let me update you guys on what has been going on and how the progress has been so far.


Because I dedicate all of my time on L2Sublimity, progression has been great. Because I finished my uni - I can finally make L2Sublimity the community I've always wanted it to be with the help of my staff and the community. We're aware of the quality of the servers out there now-a-days but rest assured we will bring Lineage II back to you guys how you like it most - just give us some time getting the fundamentals in place.


"Alright, so hows the progress?"

nPlay: Done for BETA

Network: Done for BETA

Website: 90% done for BETA

GM Administration software: 95% done for BETA

Server: Roughly 90% done for BETA. Just some critical bugs that disallow normal-play.

Client: Roughly 95% done for BETA. Just some complex issues that need to be resolved such as with the game's radar not showing places properly.

Anti-bot: 0%. To be created during BETA.


As you can tell things are finally coming together.


"When's BETA?"

Its hard to say when the BETA will be. Just know that it will be a quite a boring BETA (in my opinion). The main goal is to get rid of the bugs that currently reside in the game, such as:

- Critical errors.

- Geodata bugs.

- Interface bugs.

- Skills not displaying properly.

- Features not working as it should.

- Systematical bugs.

- NPC-position bugs because of small changes to the world.



All of these above-mentioned bugs are bugs that reside in the CLIENT, not the SERVER. The server processes requests properly - it is just the requests coming from the client that need to be made such that the server understands what the client wants.


"Hurry up!"

We're doing our BEST. I am dedicating all of my time to get Sublimity back up.



Get ready to call Diamond your home because I have some great features in mind that you guys have never seen before. Both competitive clans as well as solo-players will have a blast on Diamond.



Thank you for your patience everyone. I am doing my best getting the game up and running as soon as possible. I cannot wait to have everyone back again and call ourselves a community once again.


Back to work!


Kind regards,




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