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Current progress & Classic BETA



Its been a while since I updated you guys so let me give you a quick update on how things are going so far. For those who want a TL;DR - see bottom of the post.


In this update we will handle the following:

  1. nPlay
  2. Network
  3. Website
  4. Classic BETA




nPlay will be the main way to play L2Sublimity. nPlay allows you to download the client and keep your client up to date at all times. So no more hassle of going around the internet to find the right client.


I've covered nPlay and all of its features a while back in this post:

Some players have already downloaded some files via nPlay for testing purposes and they all managed to reach their top speeds. The recorded top speeds among the players that tested were 67 mb/s and 38 mb/s. Results that are certainly pleasing.




Setting up a network where focus is put on lowest-latency-possible is hard.... especially if your goal is to provide the lowest latency possible for a huge community. I can with confidence say that we are one of the few communities out there that have such a wide variety of players from all over the world. We have the responsibility to provide you guys with the best ping possible for everyone.


Our network will be very expensive which is why we decided that all the BETA phases except for Diamond Open Beta will be hosted outside of our high quality global network, so if you will be lagging it does not mean you'll be lagging when we will actually go live.




Progress on the website has been phenomenal. We will focus on making it interactive and making it such that the features and solutions will add value to the community's experience and will create exposure (promotions) at the same time.


It looks great, modern and works on all browsers.


The website will this time be more important than simply creating accounts and downloading the patch. It will contain important real-time information of Diamond that all of you will want to know. What exactly? You'll see eventually.



Classic BETA

The reason I've waited before updating you guys is that I hoped to have a BETA launch date for the chronicle, but there are still some bugs in the game at the moment that prevent us from going BETA thus I cannot give a reliable BETA date at this moment in time. The progress has been great. BETA on the Classic client is very soon. I was actually hoping for it to be this week but some critical features to play the game properly are not working.


Launching Diamond in 2016 is out of the question. You guys have waited too long and we've worked too hard to mess it all up now only because we want to go live as soon as possible.


I would like to keep this BETA small. By small I mean that it will be announced on this forum only. The actual open-beta for Diamond will be a bigger thing that will be heavily promoted.


Oh right, I've been having some people asking me if they could join the BETA....


Yes you can, everyone can, it will be an open BETA.




I will keep you guys updated as soon as I got some more information for you guys. Until then... back to work



TL;DR nPlay is done. Network for BETA will not be the live high-quality network. Website is in progress. Diamond 2017. BETA date is soon.



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