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Project: Diamond



This announcement is regarding the uncertainty of Diamond ever launching. I would like to address this simply by saying that the project is still on-going and our goal is to launch later this year.


I have finally finished everything I needed to finish so I can dedicate at least 50 hours per week on the project. There were two big bottlenecks in my life that both are taken care of. Finally after all these years.


What's the plan now?

1. Finish the last parts of nPlay so its ready for our Beta.

2. Finish the last parts of the Classic chronicle for Beta.

3. Create the website pages we need for Beta. These are only a few such as account creation, referral and download.

4. Go open beta with just the Classic chronicle (not Diamond beta yet). No promotions or anything to keep it small-scale.

5. Work on Diamond's features + get rid of all bugs reported during Beta.

6. Finish the website.

7. Announce Diamond's launch date + open Beta date

8. Diamond Open Beta.

9. Launch.


I am really excited about the project and nothing will stop me from realizing the goal that has been set. Serving Lineage II: Interlude with a new feel to it.


What kind of concept was Diamond again?

Its the kind of server we're used to on L2Sublimity. Expect a good combination between Pve and PvP. There will be optional PvE goals for those who are more hardcore than others.


What will be different within the organization this time?

Each GM will be responsible for their own part within the community. This way we can each focus on that which we're responsible for. We'll be measuring a lot of information like: amount of events hosted and at what times, response times of support tickets, activity per GM. Fortunately our systems will be automatically measuring this for us and the system is already in place. By measuring this we'll be able to objectively conclude whether things are going the ways we want them to be, as a community.


On top of that I've spent months on a new administration panel for us staff members. It allows us to work much much more efficiently and allows us to keep track on information we didn't have in the past.


My responsibility will be solely development. I will not be an in-game GameMaster, nor will I focus on hiring new GMs, holding events. I will only focus on development,  support and be there for the team in case they need something - be it information or advise or something that needs to be developed. This in combination with the fact that I now have time to fully focus on L2Sublimity, for the first time since it has been founded back in 2009, allows us to finally create and maintain the server I always wanted us to enjoy.



The project is on-going and I will dedicate a lot of time to it to finally make it happen. The -entire- community has waited long enough. Including my staff members since they're also dying to get back to you guys. Thank you for your loyalty and sticking by us. It means a lot to me and it motivates me to do that where my passion lies - serving you guys with an unforgettable gaming experience.


Lets make it happen - together.


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