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Development update



Apologies for the late development update post, my university currently has priority for a small period of time after that I am back to L2S full time again.


This week's development involves nPlay.


Logging in on Diamond will go through nPlay. nPlay makes use of a much more complex form of authentication than what we're used to. Upon logging in it detects if you're playing from another location where we normally see you play Diamond on. When this happens the log-in with information is sent to your game account's email address to inform you that a log-in happened from a weird location. The email will contact some information to make it easier for you to identify who it was that logged into your forum account, such as: Country (i.e: United States) and computer name (i.e: OpalSnow-PC).


While running benchmarks on nPlay I noticed a small bug that causing it to consume more memory than it should, I am still trying to figure out as to whats causing it since its not a problem in the source code. Once the problem has been identified I can take care of the issue so nPlay will not be consuming too much memory on your PC.


I am still working towards BETA. Next development update I hope to get back working on the game server, when I do I'll be sure to make the update more content-rich for you guys containing some in-game screenshots at least. But thats -if- I get to work on it.


Regarding the network. I am still looking for good locations in South-America to place gateways so it will reduce your latency to our server. Our entire community is important to us and I will do anything in my power to provide you guys the lowest ping possible.


Thank you and take care guys.

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