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About religion(Vote poll)

About religion(Vote poll)  

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Hello founder/s and friends of the community,


I' am just doing this research out of curiosity and personal interest.As i can see you are a great community in number to do such.You might think "what is wrong with this goodguy, we are a community of Lineage 2, a game after all, what's the purpose this topic here" and you would be right.But, really, think about, it's an interesting social topic to analyse.


If you feel like voting please be serious about your decision, it means a lot to me.Let's have an honest result.You can only, simply, vote if you want to be anonymous.On the other hand, vote and comment below to have a discusion.


Seriously this is interesting.


Thank you so much!

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On 3/2/2016 at 9:25 PM, roan said:

Atheist - if there really was a god, he wouldn't let us wait so long for an interlude server in 2016


You da real MVP.

By the way, atheist because if there really was an all good, all knowing and all powerful god/gods then we'd live in an ideal situation where everyone would be happy and no one would ever get hurt. We wouldn't even know the term "hurt". Also militant atheist as long as religious organizations and/or people oppress or exploit other people anywhere in the world. In other words: live and let live.

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