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L2Sublimity is now on Discord

L2Sublimity is now on Discord. What is Discord? Simply said; ventrilo/teamspeak and IRC in one free, lightweight application thats available on many platforms.


"What do I need to install it?"

Nothing, you can use the Web-based version by clicking here:



If you would like to install it and make use of all the features it has: https://discordapp.com/apps


Once installed you can click the following link to join L2Sublimity on Discord: https://discord.gg/0oo034DKuQ3s6Tbl


"Why are you doing this?"

L2Sublimity is a community and should feel like a community. Facebook, Twitter, mass-emails, events and more will all just be means to bring us together. Step by step we're intergrating all sorts of social experiences within our community (either testing them or implementing them completely). Know that Discord is not a test as the staff will be using it internally regardless of the community joining or not. I just think it would add alot of flavour to all of us if we could chat every now and then, be it chit-chat, talking about the gameplay, future updates, ideas, out of game events or simply flaming one another.


I am excited to get to know many of you better and hope to see you on actively.

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