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Development update - Week 08

This week's development update involves mostly the staff, our private network and the current status on the game server.


Staff internal structure

I am throwing the internal structure completely upside down by reorganizing to an organization-by-department structure. Each department will have a head that is responsible only for that department. No staff member will be responsible for more than one department. This way we ensure that the staff member can solely focus on that aspect of L2Sublimity. An example is the  department "Events". Burst will be responsible for that department. Within that department will be him and other Event GMs of L2Sublimity. This does not mean that Support GMs may not hold events, it just means that it will not be obligated for anyone in the support staff.


By no means does this mean we are too formal or taking things too formal. It is simple a structure that solves a lot of problems we've had in the past. We are still a team of close friends that are all in one ventrilo channel.


Scrum board for the staff

It is funny how certain problems from the past are solved by techniques you learn from watching series. Back in 2015 I used to watch a show called Silicon Valley, if you haven't watched - I recommend it as it's quite good. Anyhow as I was saying... internal problems from the past need to be solved through our new administration panel. We GMs need to have new ways and better forms of communication and task delegation, key performance indicators to maintain quality and tools that simply automate certain processes that used to go manually. Below I'll mention some of the problems we've faced and what tools will ensure that it will not happen again.


From watching Silicon Valley, the idea of using a scrum board came to be. I have made a digital simplified version of a scrum-board:




The board consists of three fields. Left|Middle|Right representing: Todo|InProgress|Done respectively. This means that all the little notes on the very left are things that still have to be done. Each staff member can create notes for either single staff members or whole departments. To eliminate information that is not important - the staff member only sees notes that are for him or created by him. When a staff member decides to do something he simply drags the note to the middle part of the board to flag it InProgress. Staff members can now see that this note is currently InProgress. When its done the note is dragged to the very right.


The board supports high-priority notes which are shown in yellow in the image above. When creating a high-priority note, all members of the department or the single member the note has been created for, will be text messaged on their cellphone with the content of the note.


The board solves big communication problems we had in the past:

  1. Task delegation
  2. Overview of things that have to be done. Sometimes a GM would have to remember too many things forgetting some.
  3. Overview of whether things have been done.


The board is a part of our administration system. It updates real-time and plays a little sound when a new note has been created. This way GMs can simply keep the administration system opened and yet stay updated.


Support section

Another problem we had in the past was support. Certain support tickets got neglected because it was hard for us to see which ones have been solved or not in a simple overview. With the amount of support tickets we'd get - it would be very hard to maintain support. The new administration system contains a support module that is integrated with our forum.



When a new support topic is created in the support section (https://support.l2sublimity.com) - a sound is played and the staff is informed of a new topic in the support section. GMs can flag the support ticket as critical if it is something that needs urgent attention. When marking them critical they appear on top as yellow. When an issue is resolved - The GM can flag the topic as Resolved removing it from the list.





Earlier this week I have informed the community regarding the private network we'll set-up. For more information please read our network infrastructure page on our main website: https://www.l2sublimity.com/network/infrastructure


Our network will be big, flexible and of high quality. Due to its size and high-quality it comes with high overhead. We had a choice: either set-up a simple network with overhead of roughly 500 USD a month or go for a more complex and high-quality network structure with a overhead of roughly 4k USD. We decided to go with the 4k option. Its a risk but the ping we've measured from places all over the world are very satisfying. This is finally the first time we can provide a network that has low/medium ping and high-quality connectivity.


I am very grateful and humble with the skill-set I have been given. It allows me to create all sorts of features for you, L2Sublimity. We've noticed the deployment of gateways has to be flexible as we need to deploy gateways on the fly and scale-down as they become unneeded. Another important thing was measuring the performance of the gateways. I've written a system that allows us to keep track on the performance like this:




The above example is of a gateway in Paris, France. The administration system contains an overview of all online gateways and allows us to simply press "Add Gateway" to create a new one automatically with the installation it needs to become a part of our private network as a gateway. The overview gives us information regarding: latency towards the game server, CPU usage, RAM usage, bandwidth usage in MB/s and the amount of packets per second.


Network during BETA

During BETA we will be able to tell whether we're sticking with the high quality network or not. In theory it should be very good but of course without proper testings it remains "in theory". During BETA testings we'll be able to make the final decision. We will start off with the high-quality network.




Classic chronicle

I have stumbled upon an issue I cannot resolve efficiently. Therefore I have asked a close friend of mine to take a look at it and see if he can find a way around it. Until then the development of the chronicle is on-hold. No worries this does not delay anything as other things have to be finished before being able to go beta. It is simply a shift of tasks not resulting in delay.




For now this is all I have to report to you guys. I am working hard on all the solutions L2Sublimity needs and deserves.


I would like to thank every single community member for giving me L2Sublimity, without you guys I would make all these features with no purpose. I would like to thank you very much for it as I am truely enjoying developing it for you guys.


Take care!




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