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Clarification regarding our relationship with other private servers

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Players have contacted me regarding an upcoming private server (who's name is kept away from our forums) that shows a strong affiliation/relationship with L2Sublimity.


We do not work with any other private servers. In the years we've been approached a couple of times (by small and big parties) regarding a cooperation. Know that we have declined them every time because we cannot guarantee the integrity of other communities. To protect L2Sublimity's community, reputation and simply because of my love for L2Sublimity have I never even considered any of the possible cooperations in the slightest.


If there are other private servers out there that somehow say that they're related to us - they are not. And if there are other private servers out there that use what I made for L2Sublimity (be it images, game design or whatever) without our permission - we should feel offended.


Why are you saying this? Do you see other servers as a treath?

By no means at all. I never focus on other servers because the time spent focusing on others is a waste of time. Use that time to focus on things that are important instead. As a matter of fact - I have always been offering my help to other private servers if I see they were in trouble in any way possible. Major servers who are to be considered "competitors". I have been doing this to be of an example - trying to bind private servers together to increase quality instead of everyone DDOSing each other for the mere purpose of desctruction. My community comes first - if I have time or can help others with my knowledge I am more than willing to help.


I am saying this because when people say that they're related to us - you guys might be more trusting / considering / find them more worthy of your time while it is based on a lie. Meaning that whatever made you consider that private server... is based on a lie. 


I do not share the work I have made for L2Sublimity. We've had numerous of insane offers for our server files or work and always declined it because L2Sublimity is so important to me. If someone copies something I've made - see it as disrespect towards the community at large.


I hope this clears things out.


If you have any questions feel free to private message me.


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