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Development Update - Week 07

This week's development update involves the website, nPlay and some ideas regarding Diamond.



nPlay is a beast and is such a huge innovation. My favourite feature is probably it merging your custom systemmsg-e.dat with our L2Sublmity systemmsg-e.dat. It works really well and installs your game without difficulty. The only issue I have with it so far is the installation process.  There are some bugs with it and I am unsatisfied about the CPU usage while installing the game. It hogs the system quite heavily although its huge upside is that it is very fast. I managed to get rid of the CPU intensiveness but then installation is alot slower so I will need to see what can be done. Worst-case scenario the installation process remains CPU-intense (only during first install, not update of patches). nPlay and its update servers are developed and set-up in a very complex way allowing us to provide the best speeds possible.


Initially we had nPlay download the files one by one but that was causing the downloads to be interrupted quite often causing your max speeds not to be fully utilized. In theory it would also affect our update servers quite heavily when about 20 players will be downloading the client because upon installation roughly 4,000 files are downloaded. To tackle both the speed and availability of our update servers we decided to create an installation package. This package is basically the entire client in one big file apart. The huge upside is that the download is not interrupted allowing you to download at max speed and the amount of connections to our update servers is reduced from 4,000 to 1. Installation packages are built in a very complex way by the update server and are always up to date.


For nPlay, the things to be done are:

- Re-write installation detection of games

- Better resume-support for installation.

- Look into CPU usage during installation and see what can be done about it.

- Since nPlay is multi-lingual - the language-specific desktop/start-menu shortcuts are sometimes created multiple times as you change locale.




The "coming soon" part of the website was released earlier this week. The new website will be reflecting our professional attitude for our upcoming server containing not only a proper privacy policy but also a great main page, an important referral system for you guys and a welcome-back system. Also will it contain many more pages than our earlier websites.


The website will also detect whether nPlay is installed and if so - it'll launch it. If not - you will be forwarded to the nPlay download page where the "download will commence in n seconds. click here if it does not" also containing instructions on install nPlay.


Look-wise I am very happy with how the website looks. The only thing I wished is that the forum looked the same so it looks more like a whole. Customizing the forum to match the website design-wise is alot of work that I will not be doing. The idea is to do it with funds coming from donations. We'll let an expert in IP.Board theming make a forum that integrates well with our website. Experience in the past has shown that its always best for me to do things myself but this is simply too time-consuming.





Note: I am not sure about all of this. I will have to see it in live action before I can decide. This is all just my vision/ideas that I'd like to share with you.


I've had a discussion with a staff member about my vision on Diamond and I'd like to share some of it with you. Basically the direction I want to go is keep things simple. It will be a customized server but things are kept subtle and felt as if they're a part of the game. We will see a custom currency similar to Elven Scrolls, we will see a weapon enhancement system similar to the Excellion Weaponry system although it will be a much bigger part of the game and in its proper way.


I am not sure yet whether we'll use mana potions. I am honestly not a favour of the whole idea of having an item in your inventory that you simply set to auto-consume and that's it. Why bother having this item in the first place? The only use I see it has is simply economical (if you make it expensive) or nostalgia. My idea is to do something I haven't seen or heard of before (not saying it hasn't been done before) and that is to give an heavily increased mana-regeneration rate to all classes, not too much so mana is no factor, nor too few so that it becomes annoying.



Live chat

L2Sublimity will have a live chat. Back in the oldschool days 2009-2010 we used to have IRC. As IRC was used less and less we decided to let it go. Our community manager approached about the use of Discord, I looked into it and it is absolutely great. Its lightweight, its easy to install, its multi-platform and its a great way to bring the community together even more. L2Sublimity will be on Discord and a link to the official web-based Discord will be provided through our main website. From there you can decide whether to simply use the web-based Discord application or the desktop version.


I am excited to get to know some of you better. I really am. We're aware that people will troll and be annoying. In all honesty I don't want them to ruin it for all of us because I am looking forward to it. Burdens will be removed from Discord, it is a simple as that.



That is it for now. I will keep you updated through the forum and/or Twitter (@L2Sublimity).





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