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Sunday 12/16/2018 Ant Queen

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All who are still playing here are most stubborn people of l2Sublimity community (in good sense) Those are people who wont leave because they lost equal number fight.

You guys can farm for hours but don't show up on epics and sieges. If you don't feel like your numbers are enough to compete with CF, I think we (CF) should bring max 2 partys for epics.

Hope you let everyone know, tomorrow is chance for us  to prove we aren't only zerg but we have skill. And you will have chance to prove you are better than us and start getting epics.

Imo we shouldn't even wear any epic jewelery for those fights. Lets make it as fair as possible.


Clans that are still playing here and their leaders are:

ParaActivity- leader MagicDasher

EvenRed- leader Catman

Sh4rk- leader Dash (they quit i guess)

SoloMid- leader SharkAttack

Brotherhood- idk

Phoenix- TheQueen

PlayHard- iBatman

IngloriousBastards- idk

TheCrisppy- Nigga

hyetaCommunity- idk

If you cant make 2 pts. Contact other clans and make allys if you cant match the numbers. 


Remember, phoenix update will be almost like fresh start  on the server. Lets keep sieges and epics fun and maybe  other small clans will decide to come back and start over. 

Most probably we will split in 2 clans so we wont have more than 2 pts. You guys figure out with who you want to ally.

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9 minutes ago, gymlisito123 said:

SM leader is SharkAttack xd 

PlayHard - iBatman

TheCrisppy - Nigga

Thanks for update. Its confirmed CF  split and make new clans. There wont be any dickholding, we will keep it professional. Probably at the end we will focus more on each other. 

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