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Leveling up shirts issue

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If you are mage you won't have any problem leveling up shirts, considering that 90%+ random parties are composed of mages.


Now I ask: what the hell should I do if I want to level up heavy or even light armor shirts? I'm saying that no one will ever invite a glad/dagger/warlord/etc  to farm in party zone which makes pretty impossible for non mage/archer classes to level up shirts!


Make solo area level up shirts too, or just remove the requirement of having a shirt equipped to level it up, so ppl could buy heavy one and have it in inventory while farming with mage in pt zone.

Don't fu**ing tell I will have to level up/gear up a TANK JUST TO LEVEL UP MY HEAVY ARMOR SHIRT, thats dumb!

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3 horas atrás, wamb disse:

bishop has light mastery aswell, get one!

I gave the heavy armor shirt example for a reason. And besides that, ppl should play with what they like and not create subs just to farm 1 single item! Creating a mage to farm full armor/jewelry/weapon/SA is one thing, now to farm a damn shirt? WTF


@OpalSnow , pls fix this!

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