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shirt stats is it a a joke???

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Is it a joke??


you guys didn't see of what is goin on now???


most ordinary player which play now for example mage in DC robe get crit from PR 5-6-7 k 

when it's actually not hard to do.

Don't tell me that (ARCHER ONLY WITH OP GEAR) no, I'm poor PR with db 7 and I also doing such dmg.


pevepe in our time looks like a 1 button game.

Actually one-shot server this is what Opal was trying to avoid but this stats of shirts....

They give OP stats and people who gonna wear the same armor gonna fly to the moon from a crit of my PR??????

when I will finish farming of shirt mages gonna have the same old DC robe (ok +6 but this is still are not enough)


this is not funny or people really like 1 second pevepe?


p.s. It would be better to move farming of AP into a some new fresh area for a solor players. Why u add this and farming AA into a one location?

Let's spawn even epics there and gonna be one shot server in a one location.


wow sound cool! no?

who need solo location now?

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