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Imperial Tomb Solution


Rework of the hunting area(s)

So we've been having complaints about some complaints about Imperial Tomb and we agree with all of those complaints. So we're going to do something about that. What and how exactly we don't know yet. I personally believe it is better to wait this off and implement a new area together with new armory in Destiny 1.0.5.


Here a small post to adress the Imperial Tomb issue. Attached a map of the Imperial Tomb.

Green = Rooms worth farming. A Nuker with decent b / a Grade can easily take a whole room.

Yellow = Rooms are not worth farming, because the mobs have a way too high respawn.

Red = Rooms without any mobs inside.


So in total we have 10 farming rooms in IT. Aka 10 people can farm IT. Quite frankly, this is just stupid.

I'm logging off when it is IT time, because it is a waste of time and there are no other places to farm AA.


My suggestions for a hotfix:
Add mobs to the red marked rooms

Reduce the respawn of mobs in yellow marked rooms


My suggestion for a future patch:
Make use of the Four Sepulchers Area and add drop to the mobs in there.






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Altough your suggestion is good I think they should swap this zone with another (Bigger) one. 

And make it really a solo zone: there are Pt's with bishop farming in the solo zone cause the PT zone is not worth it. (Ancient Adena ,ect.)


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