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NGU side confirmed.

Good luck to all.


Seems Opal finally understood that making epic EU prime time it's what server needed. I will try to recreate group just because epics are static, that was only reason i said i will join the server.


Whoever played last sublimity with me after tF left and we kept rolling the server, feel free to pm me on forum.


Let's go?


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Ouch... you didnt start for good and it seems you are leaving again.

Recent info. No static epics for EU: 


"We will make sure that the window where the epics will spawn in will cater to both GMT -6 as well the GMT +2 timezones. Both timezones will have to respect that epics will not always spawn in a favourable time. We will keep Core and Orfen out of this system allowing smaller groups and smaller clans to go for these bosses and get some epics as well."

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