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Destiny 25x - Features (16 November 2018)

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We from L2Sublimity are proud to present to you our latest server: Destiny 25x


Grand Opening 16 November 2018 / 20:00 PM GMT



Website: https://www.l2sublimity.com

Promo page: https://play.l2sublimity.com

Forum: https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum




Chronicle Interlude

Platform L2Off

Type PvP-Craft


SP 25X

Spoil 5x

Quest 5x

Adena 1X Adena rate to maintain a healthy in-game economy   (shop-prices are adapted accordingly)

Game updates Weekly new content/changes with high-quality gameplay updates

Daily GM-hosted Events

Bi-Daily automated Events Server-wide battlefields events

Community content and activities To have some fun next to the grind




When is this server something you would like?

If you like old-school Lineage II that feels like authentic high-quality Lineage II and not heavily over-customized.

  With PvP and PvE and a slight new touch to the entire experience via a reworked interface, new features and visuals.




When this server isn't something you would like?

If you do not like the Interlude chronicle and anything before Interlude. If you did

like C4-C5 we recommend you to come and try our new server.





Global Gatekeepers Yes

Misc Shop Yes

Armor Shop Yes, but limited. All other armory has to be crafted

Weapon Shop Yes, but limited. All other weaponry has to be crafted






Olympiad Cycle: 2 weeks

Max weapon enchant allowed +6

Max armor enchant allowed +6






Open World

One of the best aspects of Lineage II is its vast Open World and we are determined to keep

it somewhat like that by rotating the main hunting areas twice per day. The main hunting areas will be

highlighted on the World Map.


100% Interlude Areas

Full 100% NCSoft-intended Interlude Hunting Areas

Our hunting areas are fully Interlude-like as NCSoft has intended them to be and has

coded them. This means you are able to enjoy Primeval Isle, Pagan's Temple and the

Monastery of Silence like no other server has represented it before. Fully functional and

straight from its original creators.


Auto Party Matching via the Interface

You can easily put yourself in party matching queue to find a party or fill your current party

from the queue. This will automatically put you in a party with other players

allowing you to either fill your half-full party or find another party because

you are all by yourself.






We've provided Lineage II worlds since 2008 and in these last 10 years, we've launched 5 servers. We've started

out of an immense passion for the game and we're still here for that very same reason.


We're constantly pushing ourselves to create features that feel like they are part of the original game. Delivering

features such that it is deemed of high quality. Innovation is key for all of our worlds and we will never settle with

anything less than that.


For example, our newly created intuitive Sublimity On-Screen Damage Indicator which is hopefully the replacement for the less attractive

non-interactive system messages once and for all:




Or our self-made launcher which makes use of a global distribution network ensuring you get the highest of speeds

anywhere in the world. This means the full client can be with you ready to be played in literally minutes.




or our... well... I think you get my point...


We hope you appreciate our mindset and hope - because of that - you'll    the experience we provide.






Augmentation Passive/Active Skill Chance 5-8%


You are able to trade augmentations like any other weapon. The augmentation

effects on the weapon are visible when hovering the weapon in the Trade Window.






Castle Sieges

The Rune Castle and Aden Castle sieges are held every 2 weeks. The first one being

2 weeks after the Grand Opening.


Clan Hall Sieges

Clan Hall Sieges are unique because they grant your clan a skill across the entire clan.

The available Clan Hall Sieges are Devastated Castle and Bandit Stronghold. Each giving

a different skill. Clan Hall Sieges are very frequent meaning you will have to put an effort into

defending these Clan Halls.

Conquering a Clan Hall will not result in losing your Town Clan Hall.






Class Manager

You are able to freely change your class without completing the class transfer quests



Via Quest. Married couples are able to teleport to one another via a special skill.


Daily Story Quests

For special items and boosts for your character. An easy and great way for

players who do not have much time to make their daily progress effectively.


Daily PvP Quest

Reach 20 kills each day you log-in for special exclusive PvP-Quest-only items.


Real Clan Ranking

Ranking based on world dominance and takes all historical events into account.


Reworked Fishing System

For character boosts such as increased weight capacity, inventory slots and

warehouse slots.


Skills auto-learned

You automatically learn skills with the exception of; Divine Inspiration



To reflect a more casual gameplay you automatically pick up loot from monsters you have killed.

Loot is also automatically picked up in parties where the party distributing (Random, Finders Keepers, By Turn) is respected.

Epic jewelry are NOT picked up automatically.











Our 10th anniversary will be a couple of days after the Grand Opening.


We'd like to thank you all for supporting us and making it possible for us to do what we love.


We hope to see you in-game on 16 November 2018


Thank you.

- OpalSnow




Website: https://www.l2sublimity.com

Promo page: https://play.l2sublimity.com

Forum: https://www.l2sublimity.com/forum



Grand Opening 16 November 2018 / 20:00 PM GMT








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