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A new adventure, a new mindset

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Dear members of our community,


Many of you have been messaging us regarding releasing a new world. Many of you being the first ones to quit Terra or some that haven't played Terra at all. It is not your messages that made us decide what we've decided (to come later in this message), but it is the loyal members of the community. Towards the loyal members of the community, you know who you are and I'd like to express my respect and gratitude for all you have done for us. We appreciate you immensely.


That being said, let's talk about the future of L2Sublimity.


Some of you have caused immense damage to our community's well-being. Be it financial well-being or the immense amount of toxicity you have unleashed, corruption claims and more. We acknowledge that things did not go smooth on our end and thus we unanimously decided, as a team, to pardon everyone for the damage they've done, things they've said and/or mistakes they've made. We will be well-prepared in the future as we're approaching things differently from now on. This means the next time you were to do something like this - it is over for you.


Despite all, we're still here.


Things will change around here for the better of all of us. L2Sublimity must undergo changes that are in-line with nowadays Lineage II players. We've been through a lot of turbulence with Terra but we've come out stronger. Each and every setback is/was an opportunity for us to identify, learn and improve and till-date we have. In the future, there will be more setbacks but the worst is behind us as most of the solutions are in place.


A change of mindset.



From now on, we do not release anything until it is fully ready. "Ready" is subjective and thus we need to lay down the basis of what is considered "Ready". Ready, from our point of view, is when all supportive solutions (for example nPlay, website, account panel) AND the world itself is ready for its live stage AND has been tested thoroughly for at least two weeks. On top of that does the world needs to have two gameplay updates done and ready for implementation. At least one these updates has to be tested and considered "Ready" with the criteria stated. Launch-date pressure will no longer affect us such that we are more likely to postpone the launch date than to release something that is not ready. The past has shown us that it does not benefit anyone to launch something simply because of launch-date pressure. On top of that do we no longer ask the community for their input regarding launch dates. We decide this ourselves when we think it is best for us to launch our new worlds.



The community at large is hard, time-consuming and tiring to manage. Especially when the number of staff members is rather low. The majority of the community's interaction is toxic of nature and thus have we decided that we will be moving things away from our forum. What exactly we're not sure yet but at least: News and announcements and Support. This gives people that do not want to visit the forum - like myself - the freedom to do so.


As for Discord, we will have an active zero-tolerance approach. The second you flame or complain we'll ban you. Discord is meant to be fun, keep it that way. For those who cannot abide by the Discord rules -which we will announce in the future- will receive an instant ban on all of our solutions (website, forum, game).


A new community

We will be working on expanding our community by providing different rates and different chronicles in the future. We want to expand in such a way to attract new players that have simply never heard of us - and there are many. Marketing has never been our strongest side. That is something we acknowledge. We will be working on this to broaden our community. We want to do this because we feel like we are able to provide better worlds if we are able to get new players in our community.


What now?


All of that I have mentioned before has, of course, hinted to a new world by L2Sublimity. It is not a secret that we will be releasing a new world soon. How soon? Soon. As of yet only the basic concept of the server is in place - which we will keep to ourselves. I will ensure that this time, the quality of what we provide is of such a level that this will be one of the best servers we've made to this date. I am not talking gameplay-wise. I am talking about the experience itself (flawless launch, gameplay updates that are ready, less toxicity all over the place, quality L2).


We haven't been standing still - by no means have we. In the last month have we focused on preparing towards the future. We were not sure if we were going to open a server in the future but our love for L2Sublimity, the loyal community members and the game of Lineage II makes us keep coming back over and over again. We have been working on solutions that are needed but are not world-specific (anti-bot for example). The lack of a proper anti-bot has had a huge negative impact on the gameplay experience of all of our servers in the past. This time we're focusing well on that, being part of the "preparation" mindset stated above. We will never release content if we're unprepared anymore. We decide when we launch.




At the end of the day we cannot simply give up on L2Sublimity. Our love and passion for L2Sublimity, Lineage II and many of you guys in our community make it such that it becomes impossible for us to let go. We have a bright future ahead of us. The journey called L2Sublimity after our long-awaited comeback has just begun - providing new exciting high-quality worlds with new chronicles (always l2off), catching up with old friends, meeting new friends, creating new memories and new experiences with the quality only L2Sublimity is able to provide.


You will hear from us soon. As of yet there are plans for a new Interlude world (Interlude because all of our solutions are ready for the Interlude chronicle and other chronicles require heavy reworking of things). ETA? When we're ready! More on all of this soon.


Thank you.



Entire L2Sublimity Staff





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