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Terra 35x shutdown - 29.09.2017

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As many of you already know, there is no demand for Terra anymore. After numerous of attempts of reviving it, we simply need to stop putting time and immense amount of resources into it.


Terra was a server that we dedicated a lot of love, time and resources into which was appreciated by the loyal and caring community members. Terra allowed us to bring our organization to a new level but by no means are we satisfied yet. We will keep working our hardest to improve everything but our base foundation for any future server has been established because of Terra.


We thank everyone who has shown immense contributions, love and support towards us by supporting Terra in every positive way possible. We hope that many of you have enjoyed it, got back in touch with old friends and created new friends. May the memories we've created on it last and create a feeling of nostalgia some day in the future.


We will be hosting a farewell event on Friday 29 September 2017. Head Events, GM Burst will provide you with more information regarding this event. I hope you guys will attend it - even after quitting Terra. The server will shut down after the event has been held.


Thank you for those who made it possible, it has been our pleasure.






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