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Revival Update and the future of Sublimity

This post is to clarify what has happened regarding the Revival Update for Terra and what will happen from here on forward.


Unfortunately, the Revival Update did not bring Terra back to life despite the huge amount invested in advertisement, more than 45k views on the promotional video, the unique features and a heavy financial investment into its development.  There have been rumors of clans posting fake threads regarding their comeback. This is not true. After a discussion with the clans that announced that they would come back they have mentioned that they wanted to play but as they saw nobody online after the update, they did not give it a further try. We did our best to make it happen again, investing a lot of resources into this update but to no avail.


Right now we need to make a decision regarding Terra & L2Sublimity's future and that is something I would like to do with the players that still play on Terra. You might not be many but you have my highest level of respect and therefore I'd like to invite you personally to come and talk to us.


When? This Saturday after the Hero Tournament.

Where? Discord.

How can I join? Simply wait for the Hero Tournament to end (shouldn't take too long) and follow the instructions in Announcements in-game. This way I am able to ensure that it is certainly you guys who deserve to talk to me about the future of Terra and Sublimity.



It is you guys who still play here who are entitled to a proper personal explanation and the final decision how to go from here.


I hope to see you on then. If you cannot make it, get Discord on your mobile phone - bring your earplugs and let your buddy do the talking for you or simply listen along. If you cant make it, you are free to make a personal appointment with me via Discord.


I thank you guys for the support, loyalty, respect, dedication and every other goodness you have shown Sublimity. You are the guys who made it happen despite what others might say. In the end it is not about numbers, it is about the quality of the community on Sublimity.


Take care guys and I hope to talk to you this Saturday so we can decide what to do from here.

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