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A change of mindset

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I want to discuss an important element of management in this post. Before I am able to do so, we need to first discuss my mindset and how I deal with things regarding development and management of Terra, any future server and Sublimity as a whole.


There's two things that I put a lot of value on: quality and professionalism. These two core elements can assure that we can among the best of communities. These two core elements consist of many sub-elements and unfortunately, we're still not there yet. The fact that updates are late, some bugs still exist are all proof of that but I assure you that it will be all good over time. It is just a process that takes a while. I would like to draw your attention to the core element professionalism.


Professionalism makes it such that we treat you guys with respect and dignity no matter what you throw at us. Whatever it is, we stand above it. Now this does not mean that it does not affect us as a whole. Your negative attitude and/or respect affects the entire community and as it is my goal, duty and responsibility to protect this community - I will do whatever is needed to do that. Including banning people if that is needed.


Why am I saying this? Here is where it is all about. Since day 1 have people pressured me, not allowing me to do and act as I wish to do so in the best interest of the server. This has become a political game and I am in the middle of all of it. To be frank, this cannot go any longer. I need the freedom to do as I please without anyone questioning my decision-making. I need the freedom to do what I want with people knowing I would never do anything that I don't think is best for the community and I know for a fact that people think that. I am aware that I am merely human and that mistakes can happen. If that's the case I am open to suggestions to make the server(s) better but I will not respond to threats, harassment, accusations, spam or any other form of pressure. This is for Terra and any other future server. It needs to stop here. With that being said - I am going to add and change things to how I see them fit. I am going to change things when I see it is needed. All you need to remember is that I am here for the people that support us and I will always be here for you guys.


I need space and respect for that which I do. Again, any form of public harassment, threats, spam, accusations are not tolerated. I will take action and depending on the severity the consequences might be worse than a ban. I might sound harsh but do not worry - I am not going to change my personality, I am just asking for the space and respect I need to be able to do my job for you guys.


Thank you.




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