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Upcoming game update - new content

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Some of you were wondering what the new game update is going to have. Glad tidings on the fact that the update has new content for you guys. The update will consist of two parts. One that will happen very soon and the other one will follow about 2 days after, together making the update complete.



Sigils will be a new item available for mage classes. I am excited to see how good it will be and whether it will need boosting or not. Whatever we release, do not worry. Sigils give offensive, utility and defensive stats. What exactly? Wait for its release!




We will be introducing new shields to the game for you to make use of. The shields will be slightly better than the available ones. There will be two new shields. Here's one of them:



Class changes

The update will have changes to some underpowered classes. We'll see some neat changes to them. More details on that when the update has been released.


CP Rework

This will have an effect on the existing PvP. I am curious to see how it will turn out. The existing CP system is poor and not designed properly. The CP-gap between the classes is too big.


These changes will not affect the Grand Olympiad games



Raiding is an important part of the game that we're going to bring back more competitively. A number of raids that drop Raid Tokens will be reduced back to its original state creating more tension to fight for the available raid bosses. If they do not spawn frequently enough we'll make a change to that. Just let us know. Reducing the respawn time is a far better solution than increasing the number of available raid bosses.


Phoenix Jewelry

Finally, it's here. We're going to see the release of Phoenix jewels. The stats itself are not that impressive but the continuation of the gear and ability to provide for Soul Phoenix Jewels in a slightly later stage is thé reason why you should definitely get your hands on these jewels.



Static respawn: Queen Ant

We'll start off with Queen Ant, spawning twice a week at two different times. The Raid Page will reflect the right times so there's no need to keep track on it manually. The idea behind static respawn times of epic raid bosses is to reflect a more casual gameplay and ensuring that the raids spawn at the correct time to ensure PvP. I am excited to see how this turns out. Please note that this is merely an experiment as of yet.



These will be the main things we'll see in this update. It could be that the update gets split up in two updates or that it will be one update that is postponed slightly to finish some of the work needed. More on that later today.


This update will be the step needed into the right direction. This update will be followed by another update a couple of days after that will contain:

  • Tweaks needed to PvP, which we most likely expect to be needed.
  • Newbie-friendly start to the server
  • The foundation needed for the referral system.


When we're happy with the server being newbie-friendly enough. We'll start promoting Terra as hard as we can, and you will be able to help with that with the Referral System, giving you rewards you cannot get in any other way. We might have to postpone marketing a bit depending on the amount of resources we have available to us via donations. To everyone that has donated and allow us to keep this place running; We thank you so much. You are the ones that allow for this community to exist and keep existing. On behalf of the entire community, we thank you for your continuous support.


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