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Upcoming changes & Exciting times for Terra

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First off I would like to thank everyone that is a part of the journey we call Terra. Over and above that I want to express my eternal gratitude to those who stood by us in rough times. You are the ones that allow me to do what I love to do. Let me repay you by always doing my best for you guys. You have indeed excelled over those who have mentioned that they would be here until the end but were among those who left Terra before that. One is judged and characterized by deeds. Words remain empty words if it is not backed up by deeds.


Now is an exciting time to be on Terra. In the next couple of days, we'll see some new content and changes to the gameplay. We'll start off by introducing new Shields to the game. We'll also introduce a new concept, that of; Sigils. It might be that Sigils will be released a bit later, depending if I am completely satisfied with its concept that I have created.


Another important thing that we'll see is a rework of CP. I am unsatisfied with the amounts of CP that NCSoft has assigned to classes in Interlude. PvP is able to benefit greatly by simply adjusting the CP of classes individually. Any changes will not affect the Grand Olympiad.


The importance of raiding will be emphasized on the next update. A number of available Raid Bosses will be reduced so people feel the need to claim the raid boss even more (creating tension). If we see that the raiding-frequency is too low, we'll reduce respawn times rather than adding new raid bosses to the game like we have before. Raid Bosses will drop Raid Tokens.


Another thing is that we'll make the first steps to creating a more newbie friendly server. Currently, the damage output on the server is much too high because of all the features we've released in the Retribution 1.1 update. We're going to slowly do something about that. Do not worry about your class getting nerfed, we won't nerf classes. If anything the existing gear will get slightly nerfed here and there for all classes for the same amounts, resulting in your class not getting any disadvantage or harder nerf over other classes. Some might argue that the invested time was not worth the stats. To those remarks, I have two responses:

1) Sooner or later we'll have to revise gear anyway so that we're able to add new gear to the server and not have end-game gear hit new players for 20k.

and 2) Hardly any new player is willing to play a server where they get hit by 15k within the first hours of log-in. The server needs to become more newbie-friendly and these will be the first steps to that.


Do you need to expect hard nerfs? No, do not worry. But the global damage output will go down for everyone.


And last but not least: attracting new players. Terra is passed the "dead server" phase which is a very tough phase to go through for a community. Because of the loyalty of many of you guys we were able to get past that and even get to the point where the population rises steadily because of new players joining the community. Now we need to keep that momentum going to expand our player base and inform others about Sublimity. There are many players that have never heard of us. It's time to change that.. with your help. We're going to implement a referral system on short-term. The Referral System allows you to spread a unique link to people. If a player plays Terra because of your link - the system will detect that and reward you with Referral Tokens. You will be able to exchange these Referral Tokens at Leondra in Giran Castle Town for Limited Edition items that are referral-only. This is to motivate people to help us promote Sublimity.


Again, these are some exciting times for Terra and Sublimity. We thank you all for the overwhelming support you guys have shown. I've said it before and I will say it again - I will always be here for you guys working my hardest for the love, respect and support you have shown. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you sincerely for everything.

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