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Patch Notes - 22 July 2017

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Today we went down for the following changes/fixes/implementations:


  1. You are now able to enchant armory (including jewelry) up to +6 +8.
  2. The Quest: "In Need of Reinforcements" (Phoenix Recipe quest), starting at NPC Biggs at the Orbis Temple spawn location, has been simplified. The quest now remains fully at the Orbis Temple.
  3. Divine Armor Scrolls have been added to Orbis Party Zone on a low drop rate. Divine Armor Scrolls go up to +7. The best way to collect Divine Armor Scrolls and 100% Safe Enchant Scrolls for Armory is via Star Raids. Go to the Star Raids during week days, fight and win in order to collect these scrolls. The 100% Safe Enchant Scrolls go up to +8
  4. Soul Phoenix Heavy and Light were not applying the PvP Damage bonus correctly to physical skills. It has now been added properly.
  5. The Phoenix Mace now gives the following augmentations to be more useful for support and non-support magic classes:
    Level 1: Heal Empower + M.Atk
    Level 2: Re-use delay
    Level 3: Magic Critical Rate
  6. Reworked the L2Off door engine, you can now not attack or cast spells through doors.
  7. Revised Token Manager Leondra to have new rewards in exchange for Donation Coins and Captain's Badges. The donation store will be revised after the Hero Tournament.
  8. Donation Coins are now tradeable. This will add a new element to the game, allowing people to trade Donation Coins for whichever they find of economic value. This way non-donators will have a better chance of competing by allowing them to make better progression.
  9. The number of siege-able Castles has been reduced to 2: Giran Castle and Aden Castle. Giran gives 50 Captain's Badges, Aden gives 100 Captain's Badges. Please consult Token Manager Leondra to see which new items can be exchanged for Captain's Badges.
  10. Fixed the issue with Blessed Spiritshots not consuming properly after a certain amount of time.
  11. Added Secret Books of Giants to the solo zone of Orbis Temple at a low drop-rate. The ways of obtaining Secret Books of Giants will be via the Grand Olympiad, Raiding and Castle Sieges. Please wait for Retribution 1.2 (upcoming week) for Secret Books of Giant's via raiding.
  12. You are now able to edit l2.ini, allowing you to customize the client more easily to suit your needs.
  13. Major Heal is now enchantable at the skill enchant NPCs.
  14. Fixed a bug where people would not receive Mastered shirts if their inventory is full.
  15. Barakiel does now not spawn a chest anymore.




Thank you for your support. Upcoming week we'll see Retribution 1.2 being released with new items and more.


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