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First of all I'd like to thank the Staff members for always being here when we need, listening to us and for kept doing the hard work.


So I will give some suggestions about the server and I think some can be done at the next update before the HT.


1. Orbis Temple


  •  Increase EXP in Orbis. Its not worth going there to level up so if the exp was good everyone would be there. Most people level up in Primeval, and I feel like it would be better if they went to the farm zone. Sometimes we bring people to level subs and its not worth losing a DD because the exp is bad. Normal area: x4 exp/sp Party area: x6 exp/sp Chaotic zone: x10 exp/SP
  • Decrease the spawn time of Chaotic Zone mobs. When we are full party, even 7 people only and 2 afk people we clean the room and we have to wait mobs to spawn. We wait like 40-60secs and i think its really a lot.
  • If you dont want to decrease the spawn time of mobs so we dont farm too fast you can increase the amount of HP of the mobs. Maybe increasing 50% of the normal HP should be good. (also it would be great if it took longer and the exp gets boosted a lot, afterall its a chaotic zone thats not worth leveling at the moment.)
  • Decrease the M.def of mobs in Orbis Temple. Archer party have always been better on farming on Orbis Temple. They crit like 8k and mages hit for 3k. I think that the m.def should be lowered by 30%. Mages would kill it as fast as archer, afterall mages waste more adena in Mana/BSSS. It would make sense if mages are faster on farm.
2. Server
  • Let the fishing work on the server. Put the price of the fishing itens in a high price, so people can level up their inventory slots/weight limit. It could be a farm coin for something new. I dont know what yet but keep that in mind.
  • Decrease or remove the weight of Mana potions. We aren't going to use them on Low Rate area anyway. (Siege)
  • Be more active in game (Staff members). The server is going good and i see many new people. We should have a party/clan event every weekend and atleast 2 events per week with a low price reward. Just for fun. I think that the closer you get to the players more we will like being here.
3. Balance
  •  Take a look in the Bonus of Soul Phoenix sets. Every damage class is doing a lot of damage and bishops arent able to heal fast enough. Bishops heals for 2k (major group heal +10, orfen, master shirt) while we get 3~5k damage and even more. I think the soul phoenix sets should give 30% HP for robe, 20% for leather and 10% for heavy.
  • The P.def difference from the Soul Phoenix Robe is too low for the hard work on getting the set. It increases like ~70 p.def and I think it should increase atleast 150 and some M.def too. Because every  damage is really high and the stats are too ofensive. (This suggestion goes along with the previous one)
  • Take a look at mirage from daggers. It is still annoying and I know it should be like that but daggers damage are too high for a high chance on mirage. Its kinda impossible to kill daggers as mage.
4. Plus
  • I think we should know how much exactly every augment path gives. For example we would know the difference between the Phoenix mace and the Staff. And I think it could be adjusted so Maces would be better for healers and staffs more for mages. (People would cry about archers. And thats when the p.def adjustment makes sense)
  • Make Epic Jewels S-grade so people can enchant it to +6. Using a jewel that gives the same m.def as a S-grade jewel isnt really worth against mage.
  • Add a new Shield that actually works better than Imperial shield. (Dusk shield is worse than IC on rate and power). It could look like Vesper shield, Dynasty or I dont know...



If you have something to add, say it now. Please if you have a different opinion don't flame on this post, we are all trying to find better changes so you can do it too.


@Rei, @OpalSnow, @Amell, @Cole, @Landion. Think about it please ♥

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Look... I dont want to look like some crybaby whos only talking shit. but honestly. The admins are more willing to accommodate to the 30 ppl playing this server than when it had over 1 k population. Where were these kind of updates when theres was still a bunch of people playing?


It infuriates me to log on these forums, ill probably stop doing it tbh. Cuz everytime I do, it just makes me wonder what this server could / should of been. I mean, the only other servers who get the same kind of "repeat customers" are russian servers like E-global, Lineage.ru, and a few others. Do u know why they get the same numbers and attention everytime they open? Cuz their files are second to none, their support is second to none and their uptime / get it right the first time  mentality is also second to none. I wont go naming names, or pointing fingers, but if this wasnt "SublimityTM", this server was fucking dead day 2 of the server. Outrageous decision making from admins, numerous bugs and short sighted decision making. I've seen servers with bigger population than sub close faster than this should have.


And thats what really upsets me. This is Sublimity. There is no excuse for the things that happened on this server. I have no doubts, that if the attention that is now getting paid to the server was evident in the first weeks, there would still be a huge population still playing. The files and flow of the game play on this server was by far the best of ANY sublimity server I've seen. And I've played here since 2009. (Maybe the GF was better, that server was fucking amazing, but this would be a very close second - I might be biased, GF is my fav chronicle). Even a few of the old names that make Sublimity, Sublimity were here, shoutout to Erdi for finding the time to come play, as well as SamuraiStyle. I see a few ProEvolution guys as well as Fusion (I think theyre not playing under that clan name, but theyre here still).


But what it really comes down to, is this question. Was this server for the masses? or the 30 ppl who spammed u for HT. The same 30 ppl who are THE ONLY ppl still playing your server Opal. Look around. Its the same 20-30 ppl who showed up to HT time after time, without fail. Which is cool, they supported you all these years. But is that the kind of server you were aiming for? To cater to 30 ppl out of 1000 + ? I can safely tell you the majority of the starting population will never touch a product of yours ever again Opal. And that sucks. But dont act like you dont know why, dont act like everything possible was done to prevent the events that unfolded. I'll be the first to admit, me and my side had fun (while it lasted) but there was honestly more than a month of 0 action, 0 inovation, and 0 fuking progress. Interlude is a god dam stale chronicle. Custom or non Custom, it makes no difference. Sure you made content updates, but they were untested, and verrry underwhelming.


In the last 2 weeks since the server has declined, you have dropped 10x the updates and put more attention into this server then u did the previous 30 days, when the server still had a ton of potential. And its not even the time taken to implement these updates. Its how you did them. You deleted items from peoples inventories. I mean, everyone knew your plans for augmentation, it was practically the only thing that you could still farm for in that 3-4 week period u refused to give people an objective, or a reason to log in. Go check Rei's latest post. He forewarns people to USE RT's before the update, as they will be deleted. Gratz, 2 months after opening you've finally decided to warn people about potential loss of items, rather than having to react to the flames and anger of doing it anyway. 2 Months after the server launched, you've decided to add another use for raid tokens. I mean common man, did you learn nothing from your previous servers? I think you did, which brings me back to my original question. Did you simply not want that many ppl to play here? did you WANT ppl to find excuses, or reasons to leave, and only your few loyalists would remain? Im sure its alot easier for you to manage.. I dont know, I feel like everyone will call me a hater for this wall text, but the truth is im soo far from that. You've known me since 2006 ffs. L2 Revenge. Empires. I have nothing but respect for the work you do, your one of the few people who still aspire to create new content in this 15 year old game. But I cannot help but repeat my question. Who did you do all this work for? the 3 pts of SA still playing?


Show me 1 fraps, or one piece of media content released after TF quit. Didnt think so.. And im not even bragging, its just fact. There hasnt been ANY significant competition on this server in weeks, no one cares enough to even log in and pvp for epics. Its L2Sublimity 2011 all over again when Faceless was just farming epics, and everynow and then, I would log and make a pt or two and go fight them, cuz shit, I had the best fuking gear in the server still... 


Ill end this rant with this. If you do plan on opening more servers, dear god. Plan ahead, and plan for the start of a server, not the end. This isnt 2008 where Sixpounder will randomly show up on your door step a few months into the server and give Tig3r a run for their money. Or 2011 where Reckless will bring 4-5 pts just to bring some life back to the server. Its 2000 and fucking 17. I myself have started full time work and graduated, and honestly I was one of the younger kids who was running around this server. Long gone are the clan leaders of Zargov, Erdi, Scathe and others who would literally stop everything to keep a server going, all your going to get is random nonfactor java kids like Alliance, who try and push you around, and abuse your generosity. Even those 30 ppl who demanded HT didnt respect your decision making enough, i mean yeh oly was kind of imba, but all you had to do was put a limit on weapon OE'ing. 


Anyway, rant over. Good luck with your future, both in game and out. Cant guarantee I'll find the time for your next works, although who knows, afterall, this is Sublimity :). 

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With all due respect, I am not going to repeat myself constantly. We all know what happened, how it happened, why it happened.


Thank you for the great post @Outside. Some interesting points. I've added them to my list of notes so it won't be forgotten by the passage of time.

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