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Know the Ancient City of Arcan!

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Hello! I'm here to show you guys how nice is this new place in our server and introduce the people I met there.


Let's try to do something really cool? 


How about everyone posting a screenshot of the Arcan City? I think it would be fun. I'll start showing what I found there... Let's do this!


Citizens, NPCs, Scenery.



The future Spokesman, Drane. 





The loyal follower, Lyne





The devoted Mydia





The overreacted, Alexan





The Royal Guard, Grant




The High Priestess, Marilyn





Frank, the Blacksmith





Wedge, the Guard (I think this is the NPC where we will do the quest for our Arcines pets! - They are working on it, maybe on the next patch we will have it!)




Sarah, the Gatekeeper





The Waterfall 





The Rainbow





 The Ancient City of Arcan!





Show us what you guys got! :P

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So that's why NCSoft applied the fog to the city. It kind of looks bad without.


Great post. I like it. Expect more NPCs and quests soon. The next quest I have in mind is similar the Supplier of Reagents quest but far less complex. The concept is to take the quest that allows you to farm for a certain quest item via PvE and PvP. This will allow people to both PvE and PvP for the item. The PvP quest-item drop rate would be much higher than the PvE one. With the quest items collected from this quest, you're able to Soul Enhance other equipment such as Mastered Shirts and Phoenix Weaponry. We'll start off with the Mastered Shirts in a couple of days so we're able to get a feel for it. After that, I'll design new items and add them to the game via.


These are some exciting times. Hope you guys will be here to experience it.

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7 hours ago, kidee said:

Sorry maybe i missed but are NPC buffs alowed ?

I'm sorry, allowed where? Arcan City? If so, yes. It's a city like any other

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