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Quest: Enchancement of the Soul

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Hello again! I'm here to help you guys on the Soul of Phoenix quest! I think it's a easy one.



1. Port to Arcan City from any Town. You will spawn here and you will have to go through the blue portal (Red circle) to get inside the City.




2. Go south and get inside the "House of the Elder" and talk to "Eva, the Queen of Arcan"




2.1. Click on the first option: "Tell her the trut."




3. Go outside of Arcan City through the western exit and go up in the ramp.




3.1. Go inside this place that looks like a temple




4. Talk with the Grand Master Seymour 




5. Go back and talk to the Queen Eva




5.1. Now she is asking you to collect 900 Souls at Orbis Temple Party Area (Drop rate at Chaotic Zone is 2x)




6. After you get the 900 itens, come back to the Queen Eva




7. Talk to the Queen Eva and she will give you the Soul Essence.




8. Go to the Blacksmith Frank and click on the first option: "Soul Enchancement: Phoenix Armory."




9. Now choose the type of set you want to upgrade.

Be careful: If you have more than one set in your inventory it will choose the parts randomly. (Example: If you have one boots +3 and another +6 its not sure the +6 will be upgraded. Same for other parts)



That's it! You have your Soul Phoenix Set now! Have fun ♥


* The Soul Phoenix Set keeps the enchant of the Normal Phoenix Set. *


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