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Clarification regarding rumours and gratitude of your support

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There has been some accusations and rumors started by certain members of the community regarding the GM Team handing out free items to clans. I can assure this that has not been the case. Items on all of our servers are obtained either by farm or by donations. Our donations always have been "time" donations. What does this mean? Basically, you're able to get whatever is available for donation by investing time on our worlds.


Never would I disrespect those who support us via donations making all of this possible... never ... and never would we jeopardize the "Sublimity" brand that we've established. There are some people who try to dirty our name for whichever reason; some people are there to start fires for no reason, it being a part of their personality to see others struggle or to cause chaos. Some simply don't like us for whatever reason that might be. Some are just here to troll around. Whatever it is, we promote peace in every situation possible to keep our name high. Also on a side note, I have worked way too hard to even consider handing out items like that. All of this has not been an easy task to set-up even though it is by nowhere close to where we want it to be.


Some people were wondering when the update is going to take place. Rest assured I am working very hard to make it happen as soon as possible. We're going to see a new high-rate solo/party hunting area. I am aware there is currently not much to do on Terra. That is why I am doing to assure you that I won't rest or relax until it's done. Let me finish the new area and we'll implement some great features after that like. After this update, we'll see one of the best features we have ever came up with, which will most likely be something that returns on any future worlds we might have; The World Tournament. More information will follow soon.


I'd like to end it with saying that we are grateful. I am grateful. The support and love shown by so many community members does me well. Support in the form of loyalty, a donation, trust, dedication, whatever it may be - your support is GREATLY appreciated and without you guys this wouldn't be possible; I acknowledge that. I appreciate that. For those wondering who I am talking to - you know who you are. You are the guys I will work day and night for. You are the guys I will always be there for. Thank you.. for everything.








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