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UnLimiteD CP - Core/QA PVP 12/6/17 *Warlod POV*

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15 hours ago, Yengechh said:

What a good video... Like it very well. The best video ever made from this server until this time.

#AmbulanciaIsTheBest #AMBULANCIA 

lol im the best not ambulancia 


10 hours ago, Rayd said:

best video no competition

callate bobo

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On 2017-6-16 at 0:18 AM, JQQer said:

Might be the best or one of the best videos ive seen so far from this place, it was kinda entertaining with a different PoV class, not too short not too long


On 2017-6-16 at 8:09 AM, DonaldTheTrump said:

nice editing on the video, nice wl play but trash enemies tho.


Thank u guys 


On 2017-6-16 at 1:10 AM, KingChango said:

falte yo en el video papacho


Tenes q estar mas activo papacho asi no me servis, en el del 9x9 salis aunq es muy cortito jajajaja

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