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  1. Its l2 forum, we are talking about game here :D it doesnt mean we dont have real life xD
  2. Ok boys thanks for advices. Zerk on foi was fail, my bad. People fail sometimes
  3. "Fight which I had on my PC and had to remove it from my PC." As you can see in the video description.
  4. have fun pveing alone with your op archers
  5. u want some grass, sky, trees in fucking video game, dude go out with friends
  6. no. they were not using resists, full offensive buffs with zerk. what do u expect? those idiots were using cov on mage anyways, hah you can see it on samuraistyle fraps.
  7. Archers were one shoting mage aswell, what the fuck are you talking about? Full gear, Hero sps, full epic set with valakas. What do you expect? To crit for 1.5k? Archers were hitting me for 7.5k on sps
  8. SA were brining 4 warlords to beat 12 people XDDDD edit: which we were hitting for 350-500 dmg after big nerf :D
  9. people talking about real life on l2 forum haha thats hilarious I bet you are mad cause we dominated the server so you have to flame our rl status. what the fuck? you have no clue what we are doing and how we are earning money. if you can play l2 properly you can have a lot of time for friends, family, job aswell. you guys were not cometetive, that pvps was sooo motherfucking easy so Opal had to boost your classes and nerf ours. still we were winning. GET GOOD
  10. Even randoms must admit we won that shit. SA and YellowTag had zero chances against us. DOMINATION it was really decent server, next one will be better :)
  11. yellow or gray tag, doesnt matter. still outnumbered
  12. How can we be virgins if we are raping your ass every epic? 9 men vs 18 sluts, thats my next title for video
  13. As far as I know 80% of the server is/was using auto cp clicker :) Its boring to pvp without it. Every dagger I was pvping 1v1, had it. Dont remeber any but I know why, he died in 5seconds
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