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  1. Why is this community still controlled by dick stroking children with no balls? We've been playing for over 10 years and leadership quality has just reduced instead of improved. I've been away for 3 days and 2 major sides have already left the server, despite having fully functioning forces last week. Since the server opened not one single force was able to remain stable without changing their CP's faster than the staff turnover at McDonald's. (Apart from maybe SGC? - who then quit anyway) Nobody can handle being the underdog anymore. If yo
  2. Haha what's up Jimmy! You on discord? Let's chat there ❤️ will DM you
  3. Looking for a few of the old Tig3r boys. Message me if you're lurking around
  4. Erdi


    Looking for a few of the old Tig3r boys. Message me if you're lurking around
  5. Hahaha, the warlord and gladi dream team. I'll come and play with dash's party as an occasional driver but can't afford any more time than that atm :( SGC vs Tig3r would have been a good battle for sure
  6. Good job on coming back to lead dude, good luck!
  7. Erdi


    7 parties incoming
  8. There was a sublimity server in 2017? How did that go?
  9. Haha, back when people used to just spam all the heals when nobody was even losing HP. This guy was balancing life with his party at full HP xD It's funny how people thought these days were the prime of L2 skill lol
  10. Great job man, nice party! You guys did good
  11. Woooo gogo rf, you famous now
  12. Ego isn't only about being a loud mouth saying you're the best. When you're a slave to your ego, you seek justification. You want OTHERS to know and see your opinion about how great you think you are. You absolutely desire the opposition to agree to what you're saying. If you didn't care, this thread would have ended at 2 pages. But don't worry about it too much, you've got more awareness than most people who are slaves to their ego. I reckon you'll snap out of it soon enough
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