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  1. Outside


    damn dude it was all a joke, i was trying to act like some people do in discord xD EVEN OUT OF POSITION I CAN STILL KILL U ALL YALL SUCK IM THE BEST ON THIS GAME PEACE OUT
  2. Outside


  3. Its fine. Everyone should have the phoenix set, it must be easy to catch up since the upgraded set is harder to make
  4. Dont pay attention to what everyone says. Just like I do with some people on discord.
  5. I think Im a decent enough to recognize you guys played better. You guys have better itens and better sinergy, and that was enough to win a outnumbered fight. Btw I think you could just take it easier with words on people that havent played for years and play casually just for fun. Also not everyone is bad, maybe other people are better. Just saying Congratz ;)
  6. I have to give props to Opal and the Staff for doing their work despite all the toxic players. The server is alive with many good features, the staff is doing what they can, the only problem the server had was its players. The people who want to play are still there. People recalling, abusing bugs, giving trouble to the Staff made them waste time when they could be taking care of the more important things. just saying
  7. Again: a suggestion post turned into a flame post. I dont know what is wrong with you people and why am I giving attention to this
  8. Outside

    L2Sublimity Memories

    We are the bests <3
  9. Actually its not working for me and I dont know why. I have it activated and I still see Bishop Heals. :( Btw, the file "Soulshot.ini" on system is responsable for showing or not the soulshots animation. I think it might help u find a solution
  10. First of all I'd like to thank the Staff members for always being here when we need, listening to us and for kept doing the hard work. So I will give some suggestions about the server and I think some can be done at the next update before the HT. 1. Orbis Temple Increase EXP in Orbis. Its not worth going there to level up so if the exp was good everyone would be there. Most people level up in Primeval, and I feel like it would be better if they went to the farm zone. Sometimes we bring people to level subs and its not worth losing a DD because
  11. I know that many people already finished the quest but it doesn't really matter. The guide is complete now!
  12. I'm sorry, allowed where? Arcan City? If so, yes. It's a city like any other
  13. Hello! I'm here to show you guys how nice is this new place in our server and introduce the people I met there. Let's try to do something really cool? How about everyone posting a screenshot of the Arcan City? I think it would be fun. I'll start showing what I found there... Let's do this! Citizens, NPCs, Scenery. The future Spokesman, Drane. The loyal follower, Lyne The devoted Mydia The overreacted, Alexan The
  14. Hello again! I'm here to help you guys on the Soul of Phoenix quest! I think it's a easy one. 1. Port to Arcan City from any Town. You will spawn here and you will have to go through the blue portal (Red circle) to get inside the City. 2. Go south and get inside the "House of the Elder" and talk to "Eva, the Queen of Arcan" 2.1. Click on the first option: "Tell her the trut." 3. Go outside of Arcan City through the western exit and go up in the ramp. 3.1. Go inside this place tha
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