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  1. u forgot tig3r, mrpro and atb. 7 EU cps inc
  2. ur example was horrible as games like soccer are about equal numbers and L2 is NOT. There's no side joining this server that has huge numbers as russians won't play such a server, mainly because opal won't pay them to do so. We do have the option to massively recruit up to 8 cps and compete against idiots with 2 cc parties and 10 cps, but we'd like to avoid this kind of unhealthy and boring pvp that leads to the server's death in a matter of days. Sounds simple, ye ?
  3. Side's confirmed with 4 CPs. The side will be under my leadership and I'll take full responsibility for shot calling which means that there will be no excuses, or any space for error. We're expecting bigger sides than ours number-wise, but we won't increase our numbers in any case. We'll try and force every other side to stick to a normal amount of numbers and try to keep the server's pvp healthy and fun. That being said, we won't complain if a side is running with 5 parties. We just hope there won't be a push for over 6 parties, because once you hit this number, the server's gonna be 2-sided and die quickly. We are -NOT- recruiting any CPs in hope that more sides will be created.
  4. Are they saying we ddos them in 9v9 ? XD we beat top RU cps, we don't need to ddos java brs XD <3 moshpit
  5. "im the best" -> posts 9v9 where he loses with 0 kills xD MOSPETE
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