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    Hello! I'm starting a new cp and it will be CC. We are playing on Evered. I'm looking for: 2 OL 2 BP 3 WL PM here. THX CYA

    HT HT HT HT HT HT HT HT HT ! olly is nice too! (NERFGLADPLS)

    gm paid to remove adrenaline ggwp server will die anyway
  4. Olá, como diz u título estou a procura de um Bishop/SPS/OL. É obrigatório o uso de ts3, saiba escutar ordens e saiba jogar em grupo, gear nós corremos atrás todos juntos. Nossa CP joga no clan Tig3rs. PM iMush ingame ou contate-me aqui no fórum. thx. CYA
  5. Touch of Dead in olys

    lawl lawlawllaw
  6. Augmentation

  7. Stop It

    ck <3
  8. Phoenix recipes for RT

    I go in many bosses and always have competition, those who stopped were you. *I agree with the idea to change rt for smth else.
  9. Please.

    Sure, in a retail like server.
  10. Please.

    so elem. protec 1 hour :((
  11. Please.

    Hello, I play as mage and it's absurd his m critical damage, and even more absurd is elemental protection 20 minutes. Please think about it. (elemental protection, adv block, divine protection 1 hour on npc buff should be nice)
  12. Olympiad

    no olly every1 hero gg