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  1. Hello, acctually this server just have pvp on epic's , the reason its cuz u put an PVE farm area without buffs and just clans with 4 5 + pts farming on this chaotic spots... Why u dont create another farm zone? just for drop adena , exp or lifestones or mats.. just for player come to pvp/farm.. the server its almost dead on farm zones, guys just pve... will be cool if have one place to farm / pvp to have fun again.
  2. I dont found on forum any topic about oly... How it will work ? for 15 30 days ? gear +3 +6 ? based class allowed ? please tell us about it.
  3. excelent idea, this server dont have pvp on farm zones, just with clans with 4 5 pt + lol and the another guys ? how they will farm ?
  4. Make exp on ketra orc outpost a little bit better, cuz we have to go with some buffers to can exp/farm. i think if u make exp 1.5x or 2x more will be cool, and will have pvp for better spots.
  5. Odin

    About news

    I agree with u about the beta time, 1 day for test everything with x35 exp is not enough to fix all bugs... thats why im teling for wipe. if he do a wipe and open again in 1 week he can have time to fix everything and think about that rates... i really think its very easy to get weapon/set +++ but its harder to raise level. low hate zones its a good idea but was better if u put it 1 week after the opening, and let s grade itens a little bit harder.
  6. I think if u want to fix some bugs you will have to do an wipe server. if a small group has benefited from a bug, the only wait to make it competitive again will be on this wipe. if u fix it now, they will had advantage against everyone and no one will wants to stay playign.
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