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  1. Northern Camilia

    It's around the quest marker on the map. It changes location every 10 minutes.
  2. Only interface customization is prohibited.
  3. Is it privilege?

    We're very sorry to hear you've been mistreated elsewhere, but we are not in any way responsible for the way others choose to run their servers. Botting is the only factor we take into consideration when we ban one or multiple accounts for botting. This topic will be locked. Thank you for your understanding and please refrain from such accusations in the future.
  4. Capchat PvP

    We're looking into ways of improving the captcha system. The ban has been lifted.
  5. banned w/o bot WTF

    As @abisewski said, if you got banned make sure you've updated your client.
  6. Assist and Next target issue

    It is working as intended. Keep in mind that you can still use those for pvp.
  7. celestial doesn't work when antibuff is on

    Noted. We will look into it.
  8. Skillforce macro malfunctioning

    We're gonna look into it.
  9. Grade penalty!

    As stated in the features list, the armor type penalty will not be applied in the Grand Olympiad games.

    Thank you for your input. While we'd like to add the option to have more than one preset on each class, that would require a major rework of our current system and due to our limited resources that's just not viable at this moment.
  11. quentions

    Donations are not open just yet. They will be later this week.
  12. Summon & Pet Buffs not working

    We're aware of the issue and we're working on finding a solution. It has proved to be more tricky than it seems. When we fix it, we'll apply the solution server-wide. Sadly, personally notifying everyone is impossible.
  13. Some bugs I found until now

    Next target is working as intended. The rest we're gonna look into.
  14. Crash Client

    Next target is working as intended.
  15. Barakiel respawn time?

    It also shows respawn times