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  1. L2REVENGE - OpalSnow spotted:) 2007 !!!

    The memories...
  2. contact

    If you have a problem, create a support ticket. Stop creating threads in General Discussion.
  3. New Client???

    If you already installed Terra, you won't need to download the client again for launch.
  4. server

  5. nplay?

    Guys, no flaming in here.
  6. nplay?

    I had the exact same problem with another game. One solution was to use window mode instead of full-screen. Later when I tried full-screen again it worked, so I guess it had something to do with the GFX card drivers, so updating them might solve the problem. But first try what Rei said.
  7. pr0nto here :)

    Welcome to L2Sublimity. I hope you and your clan enjoy our server. Good Luck!
  8. nplay?

    Just read the threads before posting, it has been answered multiple times now. You can't create them right now, you'll get the information until BETA starts. Be patient.
  9. nplay?

    Portugal is also in GMT+1 because of daylight saving time.
  10. nplay?

    UK is GMT+1 right now because of daylight saving time.
  11. Beşiktaş

    Since the moment you flame outside the flaming section.
  12. Installing Terra failed

    The beta starts at 20:00 GMT, you'll get information on how to create game accounts until then.
  13. Installing Terra failed

    What happens?
  14. nWatch

    Even if we don't have it since the beginning, I'm sure if the community really wants it, OpalSnow will consider adding it in a future server update.
  15. Yo Opal

    I'll let Rei know about that.