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  1. Phoenix Armor

    ^ Exactly. I would like to link up a suggestion in this post about the new Phoenix armor/weapon/orjustarmorwhatever. I hope Opal makes use of the actual top tier items (dc robe/draconic/s weapons/etc) in order to craft the new Phoenix set/weapons . Otherwise he will make actual top tier trash and make new players avoid it. Imagine the value of Phoenix itens if players should craft other things before farming phoenix keys? Att. @OpalSnow @Amell @Cole @Landion @Burst
  2. Imperial Tomb Solution

  3. Issue with nPlay, unable to install into a custom path

    @Catalyst Have you tried this?:
  4. nPlay bug

    Hello L2Sublimity's staff. I just want to report a bug I found on nPlay. An error occurs if I try to run nPlay.exe on another Windows user. It says there are some files missing. P.S.: I fixed this by copping the nPlay's files of my AppData to the other AppData of the other user. Yours sincerely, albertoBALSAM
  5. Just some thoughts

    Well @OpalSnow, I will just leave these questions: Why L2Classic.club is lasting this long? Why their game catches so many people? Is it 'cause they are the old Lineage II, hardcore, original? I know everyone is kinda old right now, and is dedicating a lot of time to their jobs, but I believe the main key to have a good server is TO BE kinda like before. And, Opal, are you more worried about solving problems (like anti-bot) or in reviving lineage II characteristics (originals and from past/actual servers)? worried in creating a mix of many good characteristics? If you are doing the second option, well you're doing it well, but if you're doing first one, well, I advise you, go to the second one. To revive game characteristics and steal good ideas from other servers, would be the best to do imho. Like a work of art. There were servers in the past, like L2Pride, who "locked" some problems by doing something considered primitive and not very beautiful by the "designer's eye". We, the players, all noticed that, but did not gave much fuck and kept playing and enjoying the qualities. Also, I believe that Nietzsche said once something really true: "good writers have two things in common: they prefer to be understood rather than admired; and they do not write for knowing and over-acute readers." That philosophy applies to a good lineage server. The good lineage server, as a work of art, want to be more understood than loved, and the last thing they want is to catch stupid players.
  6. arcane map

    I had the same problem on friday, when I tried to do the quest "Enchancement of the Soul". Go to the support section of this forum and tell your problem there. Some GM will resolve your problem in a matter of hours.