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  1. ONLY FOR THIS TIME I'M POSTING THIS HERE ON THE FORUM! We have great news to tell you! We got some amazing bonuses waiting for YOU! It's the end of the year so we thought everyone can use some bonuses right? :p We got something for everyone, so keep reading this article to find out what we are going to give you! First up the Clan Bonuses Join NOW and get the following bonuses: - Level 6 clan with all level 5 clan skills - Basic A-grade armor set for all clan members - Level 75 for all clan members - Subclass quest completion for all clan members - 1x Noblesse quest completion per party. We will also level their subclass appropriately. - 2x Top A or S-Grade armor sets per party of theirs. Leader can choose which ones they would like. - 3x +4 S-grade weapons per party. Leader can choose which ones they would like. To apply for the Clan Bonus, please contact us in support on Facebook or https://support.l2sublimity.com and tell us your: clan name, amount of active players and if you are new or coming back. You can also private message @Landion Next up are the Welcome Back Bonuses Every player who left the server can now come back and receive multiple rewards! So you won’t be behind due to your absence! Mind you the EXP and farm is much easier than before. You will receive an email with your personal link. Click on this link to receive the following bonuses: - Level 52: A substantial amount of Adena - Level 61: A-Grade armor set of choice - Level 67: +0 S-Grade weapon of choice - Level 75: Subclass quest completed at level 75 - Noblesse: +5 S-Grade Weapon of choice and the 23rd buff slot unlocked. If you have already partially completed some of these stages, you will receive them all at once as you log-in. As I said we got something for everyone. This weekend UP to 225% EXP, SP, Adena, Item and Spoil boost! There is NO better time to (re)start Sublimity! This boosted weekend is for everyone. So you'll receive this next to your personal bonus. New players who are thinking of joining, don't wait any longer! This weekend is the best weekend to join. This weekend starts TODAY (Friday 14th December) at 18:00 PM GMT! Share this article with your friends and help us to bring Destiny to the next level! Sharing this will allow you also to win an epic prize, so try to stand out so I'll notice your effort! ;) See you in-game!
  2. Our system works fine. It just depends on what you did. Some actions trigger the system. Please make a support ticket and we will look into it. Thank you for your patience!
  3. We're working on a nice welcome bonus for clans and solo players! Hope to release it soon! :)
  4. Amell

    Chat ban

    Be warned for the next time. We don't tolerate this kind of behavior. We don't tolerate any form of negativity.
  5. Amell


    Yes we released the page, but donations are not open yet! We will keep you updated!
  6. You can contact him via Discord. That's the fastest way! Do you have OpalSnow on Discord?
  7. Hello guys, If you're still banned after you updated the client via nPlay, please make a support ticket on the forum. Everyone who got banned while we were updating should be unbannend by now.
  8. This thing really gives me the creeps!
  9. Hello Europeqq, You're the first who addresses this to us. OpalSnow is the one who knows all about our network. I'll ask him to take a look at it. Thank you for your message.
  10. Hello Sialeds, Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback! We indeed have our reasons to disable next target on mobs. We also do understand why you guys want it, but the reason behind the disabling weighs more than the ease for the players. We disabled it for the sake of the server. I will ask Opal to consider it, but I can't promise you anything.
  11. Amell

    Party matching

    Thank you for reporting it. We will look into it!
  12. Keep an eye om the website. We will announce it soon. We do take in mind that it shouldn't be p2w.
  13. Amell

    A few suggestions

    Thank you for taking the time to write your suggestions down. I'll forward this to Opal.
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