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  1. 9x9 vs SpecialForce on megapvp.

    stop posting this shit fraps from trash servers
  2. Congrats to fake heroes of CF

    HT is very good the only problem is people that dont play server or plan on playing log in take hero and never log back. Interlude oly is pure trash but ht as well have cons.
  3. Shining bow

    WTT Shining bow focus +9 send pm here or in game
  4. What happened to all the good leaders?

    why are you always talking nosense? i mean who are you trying to fool when everyone here knows what happened ?
  5. Phoenix Armor

    new armors are coming up in next patch, you can read it here https://www.l2sublimity.com/development/12780-what-we-will-see-in-104-and-105
  6. Phoenix Armor

    right now most people got desired gear , as u can see most items are dropping in price . the only thing left to farm is raids so u can enchant gear and thats it. I saw bunch of solo players having their armors and weapons +++ . most people in b grade are in "big clans" and tbh i dont know how the fuck they are still in B grade. phx armor should bring more activity for solo players and big clans would have to fight and pvp non stop for chaotic zone .
  7. WTT Tallum H set

    traded for dc set. topic closed.
  8. WTT Tallum H set

    unsealed Looking for DC robe or Draconic set .send pm
  9. about epic respawn time

    those screenshots always make me giggle
  10. ATB

    Mephistolero best ma uk
  11. The (farming) system has failed!

    We are getting new zone this weekend , lets wait and see what it brings. Yeah i also think farm system is bad rn but as monta said we are all on the same boat
  12. Barakiel Chest please !

  13. Server Update - Quick Fixes (List)

    Opal said we gonna get static epics , so yeah dw about that
  14. Farm balance

    So the main problem is not the rate of drops for fragments/key mats recipes but its the variety. Current drops in party zone : 10 weapons + weapon recipe s grade robe S grade - helm main gloves boots heavy S grade - helm upper lower , boots gloves, shield light S grade - helm , main boots gloves + armor recipe s grade dc robe - helm main boots gloves talum h - helm main boots gloves majestic L helm main boots gloves +armor recipe a grade That is total of 40++ possible drops , there is good chance i missed some or added some extra but still the variety is HUGE , and we all know which ones are most wanted for every single player with some exceptions in my personal opinion we should separate A grade and S grade farming areas , put all A grade in solo zone and all S grade in party zone it should help with farm a lot. dont really care for drop chance if its hard,easy or medium but just decrease variety of possible outcome by separating A grade from S grade .
  15. A few suggestions

    offline shop will work after server reboot , if they already didnt reboot it