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  1. https://discord.gg/0oo034DKuQ0UEn9Z and then send him a message.
  2. Rei

    About pvp

    We are looking into some solutions to make PVP last longer, don't have much details to give at the moment but we are looking into it.
  3. Hey everyone, The first Hero Tournament on Terra was a great success and awesome to watch. I would like to congratulate all the winners of the first Hero Tournament. Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are the new heroes for the next two weeks. Storm Screamer Dingodyle Eva's Saint Romana Shillien Templar Asaldur Hell Knight Seniser Mystic Muse BlancaNieve Archmage Uruguayy Soultaker Dahut Ghost Sentinel Ajax Moonlight Sentinel Peanut Sagittarius Pirlo2k17 Adventurer GaZe Ghost Hunter Chronos Wind Rider BlueBlanc Spectral Master No one Elemental Master Cathedrale Arcana Lord No one Hierophant No one Sword Muse ErnesTo Spectral Dancer Cuddy Titan RamelothBoxing Duelist FTX Grand Khavatari HeavyWeight Dominator Somik Doomcryer Destroyem Shillien Saint MuLtiSynC Cardinal Ludwik Phoenix Knight SamuraiStyle Eva's Templar Karef Fortune Seeker Nokky Maestro Zephyr Dreadnought Pronee See you all at the next Hero Tournament!
  4. Hey everyone, Please consume all of your raid tokens and let everyone know to do the same. We will be applying a patch that will make raiding exciting again. We will be adding new items that will be available for raid tokens after the reset. This is in the best interest of the server. In order to do that we need to remove all the raid tokens so we can set prices that make sense and set a drop rate that's good. Again, please use all of your raid tokens. Any raid tokens not used when the patch is released will be deleted.
  5. We have a TvT system somewhat working. We've discussed this quite a bit and we'd like to implement it. Just a matter of time :)
  6. Hey everyone, We're happy to announce that Terra's first Hero Tournament will be hosted on July 22nd 2017 @ 18:00 GMT+0. We're all pretty excited for this event and can't wait to see you in game and competing for it. You will fight in a class-based 1v1 against other players.: Lose? You're knocked out! Win? You advanced to the next round! Win all your fights? Claim your heroic status! 1. Make sure your inventory and character-setup is ready for battle. Make sure you have no illegal items in your inventory. Check the rules below to see what's allowed and what isn't. 2. We GameMasters will call your class forward. 3. You will step forward and sit down where the GameMaster is standing as we check if you have already participated or not and make sure your inventory is set for battle. 4. Once you get teleported to a battle lane - prepare for battle! 5. We GameMasters heal your HP/CP/MP as you get ported for battle. We will NOT heal ANYTHING after that. 6. We GameMasters will reset the cooldown of all your skills as you get ported for battle. 7. All fights are without clan skills. 8. Your enchanted skills will remain and can be used in battle. 9. Your fights will be without NPC buffs. Only Dreadnoughts, Phoenix Knights, Eva's Templars, Fortune Seekers and Maestros receive the following buffs: Haste Lvl 2. Death Whisper Lvl 3. Focus Lvl 3. Wind Walk Lvl 2. 10. Again, make sure your inventory and character-setup is ready for battle. Make sure you have no illegal items in your inventory. Check the rules to see whats allowed and what isn't: Hero Tournament Rules 1. The Coliseum gates for the Hero Tournament will be opened for 15 minutes. When they close - registration is closed. If you are too late - you're too late. No members will be teleported inside when the Hero Tournament has started. 2. You may not participate more than one time. If we find out that you participated on more than one character then both characters face a permanent ban. 3. You must be Noblesse to participate. 4. You must be level 78 or higher to participate. 5. You must be on your main class to participate. We will not spawn NPCs for you to change to your main class. 6. The maximum enchant for weaponry is +3 with the exception of duals. Duals may be +4 7. The maximum enchant for armory is +3 with the exception of one-body pieces. One-body pieces may be +4 (This is to compensate for the P. Def bonus two +4 parts create over one +4 part) 8. The maximum enchant for jewelry is +3. 9. Epic jewelry is not allowed. 10. No potions allowed. So that means no: Greater Healing Potions, CP Potions, Greater CP Potions, Mana Potions, Elixirs, and so forth) 11. BLESSED Spiritshots are NOT allowed. Only REGULAR Spiritshots. This also counts for pets. No Blessed Beast Spiritshots allowed. 12. Buff staffs are NOT allowed 13. Augmentations are not allowed. 14. Ability Items(AP Shirts) are not allowed. 15. Phoenix weaponry is not allowed 16. Phoenix armory and Soul Phoenix Armor is not allowed. 17. Dusk Shields are not allowed. 18. Accessories(hats etc.) of any kind are not allowed with the exception of the Noblesse Tiara or the Wings of Destiny Circlet. 19. Pets(for example: striders) are NOT ALLOWED. Summons ARE ALLOWED
  7. Please create a support ticket on the forum.
  8. Rei


    AP for shirts are farmed in Orbis Temple in the Party/Chaotic areas. Once you get all the AP, your shirt unseals and you get the bonuses.
  9. Rei


    What do you mean by add points in the new area?
  10. Yeah, if you're coming back to the server with your clan party Landion will verify that and give you your bonuses!
  11. There was an error in Soul Phoenix notes, please re-read them. We've also added a bonus to Shirts to give Double your CP.
  12. Hey everyone, Here are the patch notes for the new game update that you've been waiting for. We appreciate your continued feedback and support. For all the new players joining and the people returning, we're honoured to have you and hope you enjoy what this patch has to offer. The following has been added/changed: New Town - Arcan City This area has been added to Terra. It contains all of the NPC's you require for getting your Soul Phoenix Set. To get to this area, you will need to speak with the Magister Ladd in Ivory Tower to start a quest line Gateway to the Past which will allow you to teleport to Arcan City from the Gatekeeper when you have completed it. You must complete the quest Gateway to the Past before you will be able to start working on your Soul Phoenix Armor quest. Expansion of this city will come soon with shops to exchange Ancient Adena with. Soul Phoenix Armor All three armor sets have been added to the game. Their textures are the R85 Immortal Sets from Goddess of Destruction. To obtain this armor set, you will need to speak with Eva in Arcan City to start the quest: Enhancement of the Soul. Check World Map -> Quest, for more info. The quest will take you to Orbis Temple's party area where you will farm for Orbis Giant's Soul Core. Once you've completed the quest, you will be given a Soul Essence which you will exchange with Frank in Arcan City to upgrade a Phoenix Armor set into Soul Phoenix set. Soul Phoenix Heavy: <Soul Enhancement> +3 STR, +3 CON, Elemental Resistance +4%, Critical Damage +3%, PvP damage +3% Soul Phoenix Light: <Soul Enhancement> +2 STR +3 DEX, Elemental Resistance +3%, Increases run speed by +4, PvP damage +3% Soul Phoenix Robe: <Soul Enhancement> +2 INT +3 CON +1 WIT, Increases Magical Attack by +7%, PvP damage +3% Shirts Now grant you double CP Augmentations All of the augmentations are now working correctly. You can find detailed information on each augmentation path for each weapon and SA on the features page @ https://www.l2sublimity.com/terra/features Daily PvP Quest Every day you will automatically receive a quest that will be completed by defeating 20 people in PvP. We have added systems into the game to prevent abuse of this by farming the same people, etc. Upon completion of this daily quest, you will receive a stat bonus and Mystery Box that will open and give you one of the following random items: Divine Scroll (very common), Raid Tokens (common), Event Tokens (quite-rare), Angel Halo (very rare) If you continually complete more daily quests, your stat bonus will slightly increase and the mystery box will become better and the chances to get a rare item will be higher Orbis Temple Solo area, Party Area and Chaotic Area have had Phoenix Armor key mats added to them at a much easier rate. The chaotic area has the best drops to promote people fighting for their spot, followed by the party area and then solo area. Quest items for your Soul Phoenix set will be farmed here once you have obtained the quest. Drops for the quest will be scaled based on the area you are in. Chaotic Zone will have the best chance at 2x drop rate compared to the regular Party zone. The Solo area will not have Soul Phoenix quest pieces drop. Ketra Orc Outpost This has been removed as a farming zone for Phoenix materials and has also had it's low-rate environment removed. It has been reverted to it's original state. Epic Raid Bosses Low-rate environments have been removed from all epic raid bosses. All epics will now be in high-rate environments. Other Changes Double EXP/SP in now in effect Made the farm much easier for regular Phoenix. If its still too hard let us know. The idea is to make it 5-7 hours of farming. The recipes, mats and keymats can all be farmed in both the solo and party area. Reduced In Need of Reinforcements quest item condition for Phoenix recipe's from 100 to 60 Changed icon of Ancient Adena to be more modern. Boosted clan egg drop rate. Barakiel now spawns a chest that remains for 2 minutes. Removed low-rate zones from: Forge of the Gods, Devil's Isle, TOI 13-14, Sea of Spores. The only low-rate zones that remain are Innadril and Aden Castle Siege Grounds. Coming Soon Arcine Breeding + Mounting. PvP quest to Soul Enhance Mastered Shirts Combining Dyes to make stronger dyes. Soul Enhancement of Soul Phoenix Armor We have a lot more ideas and content in store for you guys and development will continue as always. Thank you everyone, we appreciate you choosing us.
  13. 1) Yes 2) No 3) Ask at the event, I'm not sure.
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