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  1. Active player LFC

    I'm active player and i looking for clan. Profession: Necro, Cardinal Szukam aktywnego klanu. Sam jestem aktywny i gram w L2 10 lat. Chętnych zapraszam do składania propozycji
  2. When Server start?

    Thanks Prozacks :)
  3. When Server start?

    Show me topic where Opal write GobalOpen
  4. When Server start?

    When server will be online? Pls write me good date :)
  5. https://www.facebook.com/maciek.rogalski.54

  6. Hello

    Siema pumas stary wariacie :D
  7. RevolutionCrew 014'

    RevolutionCrew= Good OP Clan ! Good fight and have fun guys ^^
  8. quantiumbase aKa ZRangerclan

    QB= F ucking donate clan ! All clan is f ucking crying kids
  9. Hello

    Hello all GG and GF in L2Sublimity ! Who remember me ?