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  1. Remember last time ytp won an epic?? Yeah me neither.
  2. Quicc Antharas summary

  3. @Alliance

  4. @Celestine Τι είπες για τον Μίστερ προ ρε αρχιδι
  5. #ATB Group 2018

    What uppp beast
  6. They are literally a punching bag wherever they go highrate/midrate kinda sad xD
  7. toyFactory GOING PUBG join us

    Bought it and it crashes on lobby FeelsBadMan guess time to upgrade my shiet

    my nigga u flexin hard hah
  9. Good Server

    WTS am +16
  10. @WeAreAlliance

    https://vk.com/public147494633 BUMP
  11. @WeAreAlliance