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  1. Hello Opal.

    Is there any plans to open server in a future?

  2. Not for use, its just to think about what you can do (ofc diff way)
  3. You can check how l2cedric started and there is some simple examples what people like. Just saying. (L2Eola will have alot of new and intr futures) just take some time and check it maybe will born some new ideas.
  4. NCsoft

    russia ahuenna bratan

    Looks like hes on drugs 0.o
  5. Pheonix allowed? Huh?
  6. Thats why some resists are first on the list.
  7. NCsoft

    Archers lethal.

    You know how it works at low rate zones.. please...
  8. NCsoft

    Unballanced SPS

    Post pictures with ur full screen to see your buffs juwels etc then screeemeeee they give u 4k+ dmg.......
  9. You have to check Archers lethal they are too high (don't know about daggers) they killing mobs at low rate zones so easy. Check it.
  10. I reported it some time ago but no answer. Looks like its hard to fix. Many devs trying to do the same.
  11. NCsoft


    Sorc classes are almost dead.. Was my first class when i start to play l2 (heart)
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